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  1. Hi,love your sagging photos ,profile picture is so hot,nice cute ass.looks your into track pants like me.its a cool look

  2. Yeah sweatpants ,shiny polyester pants and my favourite shiny NYLON track pants are awesome
  3. Yeah for me its sports wear, shiny nylon track pants,love the feeling of unlined nylon trackies against my skin.also love to see other guys in sportswear ,another guy in polyester track pants is a really big turn on for me,seeing their ass in those shiny black polyester pants,also another fetish is wearing my hoodie with my trackies below ass and one hand down me track pants,its great to see other guys doing this with their boxers on show in full
  4. No its not too low at all,iv also been sagging like this in public,that's so hot.wish I was the one walking behind him
  5. Hey, i liked what you said about your trackies and sagging them below ass out in public :)

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