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  1. What how?! Is it because you can't keep your hands to yourself when you see underwear?!
  2. Yes, very lovely, Lee249! Quite the look, and I am impressed!
  3. I think two underwear is not classified as double sagging, actually. I just thought I'd put that down for the record.
  4. That's a pretty nice look. I like the colors, and they coordinate well with the sag!
  5. Aw, man, best of luck. I think that's all it is about, anyway.
  6. Yeah, good to know the tubes work. 🙂
  7. That sounds hot, man, you should get what you want!
  8. It's been about daily for me, which I think is still not that often.
  9. Yeah! I think it's knowing where to go!
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