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  1. Yeah, I didn't appreciate having to dress up. Now I work where I mostly dress how I like. I never really had a place where I could sag. Though, now that I work at home, I do. That's most natural to me.
  2. Very cool. I grew up, it was mostly curved. Then, flat came in and I wore a lot of those. Loved the hip hop look with those.
  3. Flatbilled hats are dope. wxsaggerNick, you're on to something.
  4. That's cool. I'll throw in jean shorts to what you said for some dope outfits. Peace!
  5. Yes, but I wouldn't call it accidental.
  6. Hova: awesome music, great that he's a sagger. Right on, wxsaggerNick!
  7. I'm surprised I hadn't heard this one before. Pretty good for the times. Was totally into stuff like this. Peace!
  8. Okay. Thank you. YouTube gave me this one up next as well. (1) CIMG0061 - YouTube Very nice outfit.
  9. They are dressed well and look cool to hang out with.
  10. Yeah, that is really cool. It's been a while since I've seen it!
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