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  1. SaggerMatt

    Second had clothes

    Those are cool places to find cool clothes.
  2. Alright, thank you. I'm pretty set in what I do at the moment, though. But, sounds dope.
  3. SaggerMatt

    Really hot YouTube sagger

    Really hot.
  4. SaggerMatt

    Zach Clayton

    Yeah, I'd believe he lifts legs. I get a big butt from lifting legs.
  5. We did have a thread on what jobs allow/are cool for sagging. It'd also be cool to hear about work environments like that, as well. Peace.
  6. Those sound like some dope outfits, Pabsman2024.
  7. SaggerMatt

    What is double sagging or multi-sagging?

    Yeah, I could see them keeping you warm.
  8. SaggerMatt

    What is double sagging or multi-sagging?

    F****, that's when I've double sagged. I also double sagged sweat pants over basketball shorts when going to the gym when I was younger.
  9. SaggerMatt

    What is double sagging or multi-sagging?

    Yeah, that's cool. It's basically wearing two pairs of pants and sagging them both over your underwear. The double is the two pairs of pants. Usually, your outer pants are the lowest, then the other pair is somewhere between the underwear and the outer pants. Peace.
  10. SaggerMatt

    wet sagger

    It is hot. I like the white underwear/boxers. I used to have some myself. Can't help you with the pic source, though.
  11. SaggerMatt

    Is it weird?

    Yeah, people have moods and ****. Human.
  12. SaggerMatt

    satin boxers

    Yeah! I used to wear cotton boxers a lot when I was a teen. Then, I got the satin ones much later, when I was in my late 20's. I agree that the satin ones are much more leading towards the bedroom; also, they can be tricky to sag.
  13. SaggerMatt

    Worst Ways to Sag

    What are granddad boxers? I wear plain boxers.
  14. SaggerMatt

    Is it weird?

    You're cool, man. A cool poster. Wouldn't let it bother you.

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