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  1. SaggerMatt

    satin boxers

    I'm 38. Got 'em stored away somewhere. Prolly not going to wear them soon…
  2. SaggerMatt

    What's the coolest Job you have had?

    Mine's prolly personal training. I don't work much now at it, but I keep up the certs and such.
  3. SaggerMatt

    Strangest fetish you've come across?

    Yeah, some people into it, at least I'm familiar. I think I know most guys into sagging into it on smaller dudes, though.
  4. SaggerMatt

    Tumblr to ban all "Pornographic" material

    Tumblr has some great images still, but it is missing something.
  5. SaggerMatt

    Strangest fetish you've come across?

    Muscles can be a great turn-on. Not too strange to go big or small with a guy, I think.
  6. SaggerMatt

    How Many Pairs Of Underwear Do You Have?

    I prolly have a couple dozen boxer briefs I keep in regular rotation.
  7. SaggerMatt

    My cousin is sagging lower than usual

    Yeah, I've found if you have the feeling to sag, you should go ahead and try it. It can bring negative feelings if you don't sag when you have the urge.
  8. SaggerMatt

    Embarrassing Erections

    Yeah, I've gotten hard in some places, but no embarrassing spectating.
  9. SaggerMatt

    satin boxers

    Yeah, belts can be helpful with satin boxers, since they slip so easily.
  10. SaggerMatt

    B-ball shorts/singlets

    Kink af. In 'em atm.
  11. SaggerMatt


    Wow, that's really great parkour as well.
  12. SaggerMatt

    That got me so hard!

    Yeah, that's pretty dope. He gots the pull-up.
  13. SaggerMatt

    Under Armour

    Under Armour makes dope, high-quality clothes, but I have not tried their underwear. Hope that helps a little, though.
  14. SaggerMatt

    Where do you piss, preferably in the pants?

    The dark jeans piss is a cool idea.

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