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  1. SaggerMatt

    Daniele Negroni

    I like his outfits. Pretty cool for sagging.
  2. SaggerMatt

    Gay guys and u derwear

    Those are cool outfits, the first ones.
  3. SaggerMatt

    How low should I sag

    F**** yeah!
  4. SaggerMatt

    How low should I sag

    Yeah, pants are important. I'd say jeans are pretty og, great for sagging, from when sagging started. The pockets in back look great for sagging.
  5. SaggerMatt

    Gay guys and u derwear

    Awesome. They're really accessible to me, and I like them a lot (those brands).
  6. SaggerMatt

    Loose woven boxers

    Didn't quite catch all you said, but I'd say wearing underwear under basketball shorts is the norm. It's quite exceptional to wear the basketball shorts as underwear under other clothes other times.
  7. SaggerMatt

    How low should I sag

    Yeah, I say, some clothes look great sagging!
  8. SaggerMatt

    Gay guys and u derwear

    I'm not gay, but I wear mostly Hanes and Fruit of the Loom briefs and boxer briefs.
  9. SaggerMatt

    Sideless summer shirt

    Cool! I hadn't heard about how comfy they were.
  10. SaggerMatt

    How low should I sag

    I agree. Matching the outfit is important.
  11. SaggerMatt

    How low should I sag

    It's really what you want. There are lots of levels of sagging to try!
  12. SaggerMatt

    Mock button fly

    I'm baffled as well.
  13. SaggerMatt

    Mock button fly

    I've never heard of this. New experience today.
  14. SaggerMatt

    Sideless summer shirt

    Oh, that photo looks really cool. Yeah, sideless shirts, all the way, though I've never worn one myself.
  15. SaggerMatt

    Any tips on how to sag without anyone noticing?

    There's a lot of play, covering your sag with a long shirt. At least, for me.

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