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  1. For sure. I like that, especially on a chiseled physique.
  2. No prob, man. It shouldn't be too hard, knowing what type of jeans they are. Most brands probably have at least a mention of the motocross by now. I see them in many videos, so some people in retail should have some knowledge to help you find what you want. Peace!
  3. I'll amend with Serso HH. Also a good, wholesome latino rapper. Vato Tumbado ·Serso HH Ft. Deekaos· (VIDEOFICIAL) (REBOTESTUDIOS)(TINTAREC·) - YouTube Channel: Serso HH 492 - YouTube Peace!
  4. Yeah, there's a lot to talk about to improve the outfit. Not sure what works or not with the starting material, personally.
  5. Oh, that was your thread: Identify - Off Topic Discussions - SaggerWorld.com .
  6. We've discussed motocross jeans/pants on here before. That's the only idea I have for these. Wouldn't know the brand.
  7. Yeah, I'd agree if you really get off to it.
  8. That is definitely the case with jace. Peace!
  9. I haven't seen a not-hot pic of jace!
  10. We get a lot of that on here. Peace!
  11. Haha! Single guy wearing a singlet. He is very handsome, as well.
  12. Thank you! I honestly don't do anything other than post on this site, in the boards. I'm pretty far away (MidWest US) for a personal connect. But, I love you dearly, Lee249!
  13. I think whenever they want and be involved. It's not quite letting them do what they want, because that's still kind of telling them what to do.
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