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  1. SaggerMatt

    Underwear Experts

    I thought you were calling the guys on this site underwear experts. Appropriate as well, I think.
  2. SaggerMatt

    Cam Pizzo sags

    I knew he was into rap and basketball, but I didn't really know he sags sometimes. It's pretty brief, starting around 2:17:
  3. SaggerMatt

    Back to briefs

    I could see that. A lot of kids wearing briefs in the 80's switched them out in the 90's. Boxers and boxer briefs made dope sags in those times, but I do think briefs make interesting sags.
  4. SaggerMatt

    Swiss TV doc

    I agree, saggernewbie and Anonan.
  5. SaggerMatt

    Saggers talking to non-saggers

    Cool, yeah, stick around these boards, and you'll at least be able to talk with many guys interested in this style.
  6. SaggerMatt

    Back to briefs

    I hear ya. I had a stint with boxers after briefs, then switched to boxer briefs. Briefs are pretty cool--definitely give a different-looking sag, but I'm not sure most available are up for regular and intense wear.
  7. SaggerMatt

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

    That's dope, man.
  8. SaggerMatt

    Swiss TV doc

    I've heard this. It kinda makes sense, but keep in mind: it really went mainstream.
  9. SaggerMatt

    Embarrassing Erections

    Sounds dope.
  10. SaggerMatt

    Embarrassing Erections

    Does sound a little embarrassing, though if there were cool people around, I could see it being hot.
  11. SaggerMatt

    Back to briefs

    Pretty cool. Wouldn't worry too much about support with any, and any are cool with the looks. Boxer briefs are still the most well-done underwear available and are the most functional for exercise.
  12. SaggerMatt

    Saggers talking to non-saggers

  13. SaggerMatt

    Saggers talking to non-saggers

    Yeah, I can understand some people not being as into it as I am. I'm a little confused by the lack of confidence, though.
  14. SaggerMatt

    Boxer Briefs and leg length

    I think you'd better go with the regular length to be safe.
  15. SaggerMatt

    Saggers talking to non-saggers

    Hmm…that's weird. But, maybe it's for the best if they aren't really cool wit their own sags. Yeah, I sag and prolly would entertain some comments about my sag, but it doesn't come up often.

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