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  1. When did you start jacking off?

    i started at 11 when a guy asked me school if i **** and i said no so he said try it when ya get home so i did and i shot me load it was amazing still wanking to this day and if anyone says they dnt **** there lieing
  2. i wear baggy boxers the bagbier the better to my tent off in the morn when postie or parcel boy knocks
  3. hey if ya wanna wear silky /satin boxers then do so if ya get a hardon so be it and be proud i do

  4. What Do Boxers Feel Like?

    wear what type of baggy boxers ya like i wear baggy boxers casue they give a right hardon and i dnt care if it shows
  5. How low ?

    past my c**k even when i boned up
  6. Beach saggers

    i can see three nice bulges made me hard str8 away
  7. Cheers mate! You going to upload some??

  8. hey dude well nice sag mate

  9. sagging

    all me mates do it and its well hot and horny cause our ti shirts are ova our hardons so ya cnt realy it that much but its the thrill of it that makes us all hard lol. when we are out at night then we show off everything walking along but still cnt see much apasrt from boxers showing cause they white with patterns and pics all ova them.
  10. sagging

    how many of you like sagging past ya **** and how old are and do ya hardon when ya do this and do ya hide it casue i do this all the time a get a right good hardon and never hide i also wear real baggy boxers with fab patterns and pics all ova them.
  11. it has been removed i wanted to see it what a shame
  12. wm11

    those pink boxers are awesome
  13. sag105

    this guys is from mcfly well hot but ya never see him wear them when he singing and sagging
  14. boxers as shorts?

    oh right downstage i did that once and it i got instant boenr well horny loved it.
  15. boxers as shorts?

    hey how did ya hide ya boner if ya got one downstage

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