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  1. Hey there handsome! Hope all is well, just dropping by to say hello :)

  2. RomanHeart

    Would you sag on a first date?

    Just be yourself. If Sagging is part of your personality and your daily life than ur date should just take you for who you are. Sagging included. U don´t want to be all fake, cause you will just set yourself up for failure.
  3. def. #4. Especially when I piss all over myself (though I do need to cum after that, but the cumming is just the bonus then)
  4. RomanHeart

    Erm, poll

    Gotta go for the really hot guy with a small sag. U can always make him sag lower, but you can't make the guy any hotter.
  5. My Christmas sag. Felt great celebrating dressed this way. Full album coming soon. Merry XxXmas y'all. (bit late but still ;) )

    1. Lee249


      I sagged today around my folks, it was awkward but enjoyed every moment. Merry xmas to you too! And nice :)

  6. RomanHeart


    ok, not really a bulge, but you know where to look
  7. RomanHeart

    What are you wearing right now?

    grey hoodie and sweatpants with some leopard print satin boxers saggin below ass.
  8. RomanHeart

    Boxer Fetish!

    than just pm us yours
  9. RomanHeart

    What are you wearing right now?

    Just these satin leopard print boxers
  10. RomanHeart

    be a bit naughty?

    just do it and take some pics for us to enjoy
  11. RomanHeart

    Underwear History

    0 - 13: Briefs 12 - 20: Boxer briefs 16 - present: Boxers 20 - present: satin/silk Boxers 20 - present: Jockstrap
  12. need me some new silky bball shorts

  13. RomanHeart

    Boxers Tight Or Loose

    loose is so much better

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