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    I'm a shy and chill guy hanging in Philly. Still not sure what to do in life when I grow up. I would love to have a sagger that likes to cuddle with me.
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  1. hey man. hot pics. wanna kik?

  2. dcperv

    "straight" Best Friend

    you might not to f**k him but it would be hot to have someone to jack off together with. Either make a move or just ask him, he's your best friend, he'll tell you i'm sure. Maybe he's just horny and wants to have a jackin partner.
  3. I was just talking to my roommate the other day about when I came out, fyi we dated for a long time, and we were discussing that i never actually came out, to my family 3 years after we had been *******, but not to anyone else. My theory is this is who I am and whatever to anyone who has a problem with it. Most people think I'm straight until I start discussing a cute dude or talking about who i'm sleeping with (ironically sex comes up alot in conversations with me and my friends). I'm sure it might be a little different if you are bi, I'm gay, and I can see that maybe it confuses people sometimes if you are in a M/F relationship and then go into a M/M situation. Maybe then if they look at you, you can just confirm to them your bi, otherwise I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. generally once a day. somedays its 2-3 times, some days i take off. when i have sex at night, i'm always ultra horny in the morning and have to jack it again just to start my day.
  5. I don't remember the last time I unbuttoned my jeans while taking them off. Sometimes just the belt I undo.
  6. dcperv

    Old Site

    I like the old chat better, just my opinion. I liked that u initiated a chat with a person directly without having to be in the group chat. Having a group site chat is cool but not what I do most of the time.
  7. dcperv

    Mac or PC?

    I'm a Mac user, been one for 10 years. I work in performing arts as a technician. Most of us use Macs. Some of the software we use to run audio and video is Mac only. I do have on old PC laptop that i use sometimes, mostly for hardware firmware upgrades of audio and lighting equipment. Otherwise i'm either on my MBP 13" or my Mini with twin 24" monitors. I'm not a gamer, i'd probably have a PC for that if I was, just more selection of games on the PC side. I find Mac outlast PC's, my first mac, the first Aluminum body PowerBook 15" is still in use today, 10 years later, i gave it to a friend who needed a laptop bad. The CAD software I use, available on both platforms, was designed on a Mac and seems to be more intuitive on the Mac. At the University I work parttime at, the school I work in (Media Arts and Design) runs about 75% mac at this point, their solution to the need for multi platforms, triple booting machines. You sit down at a machine and can just reboot into mac, windows, or linux if you need something that OS has to offer. And sorry, I'm not an iPhone user, I prefer Android for that. Don't have an iPad either, it doesn't run any apps i need.
  8. awesome sag man, got me nice and hot and hard.

  9. Cool son. I kno theres lots of saggers there. lol :)

  10. hey man, I'm from Philly.

  11. Whats up my ******. like ur sag. where u from?

  12. Look harder. Haha

  13. Sorry man, i'll watch for u online

  14. Sup dude? I tried to chat with you but you never responded.

  15. Hey do you like to chat with other saggers online?


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