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  1. Satin Boxers

  2. Hollister boxers

    Me sagging in my Hollister boxers.
  3. Jack&Jones boxers

    Me sagging in Jack&Jones boxers
  4. Calvin Klein boxers

    Me sagging in my Calvin Klein boxers.
  5. 71.jpg

    As promised :-D
  6. Superdry boxers

    Hmm... That's a good point, maybe I'll try that :-) But I'm not sure what fluids are allowed here :-P
  7. Bonds boxers

    Me sagging in my Bonds boxers!
  8. 71.jpg

    Haha mate, I could simply tell you what's written on there, but I'm sure you prefer a pic of it next time I wear them :-P
  9. 11.jpg

    You should definetly check out my newest photo set "mission sagging too low" :-P
  10. Jack&Jones boxers

    Me saggign in my Jack&Jones boxers.
  11. How old are y’all boys

    23 here :-D

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