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  1. Mate, you've given me such an uplift boost. I'm very grateful. You make me laugh so much 🤪

  2. Member Galleries upload sucks. Always stuck in this error every single time I want to upload photos. Getting thru the upload process is pure luck. 

    1. jjbaria19
    2. Lee249


      Hmm.... It could be that your files are too large for uploading & require amending. I've had the same problem myself. I tend to crop & re-snap.

      Thanks for the latest pics 👍

  3. When uploading photos keeps getting an error. What does error code-200 means? 🤦‍♂️

  4. Some sort of marketing strategy for him to gain more gifts in tiktok. 🤣
  5. You still talking? 🤣 ➖🔴➖
  6. Dental gag or spider gag is ur only option 😅
  7. He went live today. He said he's from LA California so something to be reminded to get the timing of his live. He went live around 12:35AM. He do sag but plays dumbor doesn't have straight answer to those who keep asking him why he sag. Not sure if he does sag outside his house but he sure sag during the live maybe for the clout. He answers FAQs and tiktok battle to gain gifts/reactions=money so the sagging might be his trick to get more followers . Smart thinking. He answers politely on the comments.
  8. Not complaining but it looks like he sags only when he's going live in tiktok. He might have knew that this kind of tiktok content boost viewers and followers. Nevertheless it was a good content.
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