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  1. Hey awesome. Sorry, that the Easter Egg hunt wasn't for you. Better luck next year mate 🐰🥚😁

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jonquestor


      The Easter egg hunt was over before it started…everything was just hanging out for everyone to see. 😝


      yeah my box is full. I hate managing it. I Need to go clean stuff out. 

    3. Lee249


      I thought you meant your sag was on display 😋 would love to have seen that! 

      Hmm... I can't DM you until you've taken the trash out haha. Agreed. It's difficult to keep on top of it all sometimes x 

    4. Lee249


      My inbox is clear if you wanna drop me a line @jonquestor

      Take care mate x 

  2. Hello you. Lets talk soon 😉

    1. jonquestor


      Hiya Lee. Sorry I just saw this. I haven’t seen you on in awhile.  
      take care hope to see you soon. 

  3. Below c**k… sag in jeans or knit sweat pants
  4. Maybe I’ll use that belt to tie those ankles together and keep you from running…
  5. Front view always better for me.
  6. Leather belt. It will snap better when I smack @Lee249 in the a$$ with it. large flashy belt buckle or small functional belt buckle.
  7. Head down. Lay on your back and relax while you get the bj. bj in car…front seat or back seat.
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