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  1. jonquestor

    New Underwear

    Jockey, Hanes, CK, Tommy, Polo, FTL
  2. jonquestor

    Shave/trim/leave pubes?

    Awesome! Nice bush you have then I bet!
  3. jonquestor

    Shave/trim/leave pubes?

    Leave au natural.....
  4. jonquestor

    Shaving/trimming Leg Hair

    don't like shaved pubes or legs...leave it natural!
  5. jonquestor

    Star Trek Voyager

    yeah that's a great show. One of my favorite Star Trek Series.
  6. jonquestor

    Contrast Trim Y-front Briefs

    I think they contrasting trim can work and look hot... SO
  7. jonquestor

    Changing From Briefs To Boxer Briefs

    and I find briefs hot on guys....so I say keep the briefs.
  8. Hey there dude. Enjoyed your pics!

  9. hello..I missed you on chat

  10. enjoyed chatting with you hit me up agin when you have a chance

  11. jonquestor

    Whats Ur Favourite Skate Shoes?

    Vote Enties..but love the Vans and Adidas I have

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