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  1. 99.9% change daily wear once or flip inside out and wear twice
  2. Without tickling feet…with or without socks
  3. Looks to be that flag is at full mast! 😉
  4. I watched Jupiter last night. A NASA documentary. Some absolutely amazing images of the planet from the latest probes.
  5. Pie. But I’ve never had it with chips. Apple Pie or pumpkin pie
  6. Assume you got those hip briefs by now….waiting for the photo to be posted
  7. With cheese mostly. With bacon occasionally. Plain occasionally. hamburger well done or medium
  8. I like both. Fun patterns are nice. I have more solid colors. I will go with patterns. stripes or solid color bxrbrfs?
  9. Surprised you are not a tea person. I thought everyone in UK preferred tea. I like a chair to sit on and a table to eat off. recliners are great! cloth or leather upholstery
  10. No. I like to have apple cider from a local orchard. Nice and fresh. excercise
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