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  1. Horseback riding saddle or bareback
  2. Interesting question. Large alloy wheels and low profile tires looks good on a performance car. Everything else, meh. Same is true in the opposite direction; small alloy wheels and large tire works on on off-road vehicle . Everything else, meh. exterior color of car: 1. Black, white, gray, silver. Neutral colors. or 2. red, yellow, green, purple, blue, etc. Bright colors.
  3. Duratec if I’m getting the same power/torque, the turbo is just Maintenace. automatic 8 speed or manual 6 speed
  4. Both! Awesome two engines with similar horsepower, then I want the one with more torque. Normally aspirated or super charged
  5. Pontiac 1970 Cuda or 2017 Challenger
  6. Sweet snack 6 speed manual or 8 speed automatic
  7. Sliced tomato with a touch of sugar. grapes or pineapple
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