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  1. Watch from 1 min onwards Video removed due to being underage
  2. day off

    Sag in jeans, in bed, twerking
  3. YouTuber - ItzArya

    Just a terrible thread, which is unfortunate as his sag isn't too bad either.
  4. Me sagging

  5. Bars And Melody - Leondre

    Oh my gosh: This was taken yesterday: 2:17 watch from. There are probably more though!!!
  6. Italian Youtubers

    They actually sag in most their videos, so many of them aren't up here because their are so many it would take forever to find. Their sag's are priceless though, the positions they get into
  7. Italian Youtubers

    Watch from 5:18 onwards to end.
  8. Bars And Melody - Leondre

    What has happend to this guy, his sags are so hot. He is 16 now, shouldn't he be sagging more, not less
  9. Incredible sag...

    Amazing sag, Here's another one very simular: Anyone notice the man trying to look at his sag
  10. The Janoskians

    I thought I would bump this one up again because due their fame they have so many videos on YouTube especially from a few years ago. I have found a few that have been missed. 14:52 must watch. There are some smaller ones later in the video 8:36, 9:50 1:57-2:08, 6:28-6:49 0:40-0:53, 6:10-6:37 start-0:15, 1:40-1:50 1:05-1:18, 2:37 practically to the end.
  11. Lee Hinchcliffe

    3:51-3:55, 5:20-5:24 (SHOULDN'T OF HID FROM THE CAMERA), 10:09-10:20

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