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  1. ill take a new album tomorrow decide on 3 pics via poll voting ends tomorrow at 6pm uk time
  2. bored....

    1. Lukey
    2. CJS90
    3. Lee249


      Create a sag slideshow wearing different undies in each shot. That'll certainly keep you busy and all of us entertained :D

  3. any ideas for some pics?

    1. CanadianEagle


      Well I'm always an advocate for more tank top/wife beater pics, but besides that I'm happy with more of the same ;)

    2. Tye


      You should post a before and after pics of you pissing in you sag, that would be so hot

  4. today ill be taking new pics msg me with more ideas

    1. Lee249


      Good, good i've been waiting out for those ta! Today is the deadline. 

  5. yeah thats what the poll is for but waiting to get someones boxers to take those pics in the mean time i want to be fun
  6. i need ideas to sag n take pics
  7. due to unforseeable circumstances this vote will continue but the pics ill be taken at a later date sorry for upsetting anyone but reasons have appeared and now isnt a good place for me right now thanks
  8. really enjoyed last time so gunna try again next thursday please vote for 3 top 3 win
  9. and it is over, the three winners are low sag, bballs and no belt all day, reply here or msg me for suggestions on ho to take the many pics
  10. voting ends tonight at 900 pm uk time from 9 till tomorro im open to suggestions on ho to take the 3 winning choices
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