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    Love sagging in jeans and trackies, love lads in footie kits and shorts, also love to freeball :)
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  1. Wow epic that you are in the UK!

    I went to Devon few years ago for a wedding!

    I am from Brighton but have easy access to London etc :)

    Hows you? :) xx

  2. Hehe yep Exeter is at the end of the M5 in Devon :) where abouts are you from? hehe thanks @ your comment ;) xxx

  3. Stupid question - is Exeter in the UK :$:$:$

    I am from the UK if not lol

    And awwww thank you. Glad you like my cat lol

    Such nice boxers... and prob c**k too lmao :P xxx

  4. Heyy :D thanks for the comment :) I love em too hehe! I got two pairs :) x

    I'm near Exeter, where abouts are you from? love your photo btw, cute cuddly cat too :D its awesome! :) awww! <3

  5. Hey dude!

    love your pink boxers! They are epic!

    Where you from?

  6. Heyy hottness!! Hows it goiin?? YAY!! Im ur FIRST!!! lol! ^_^