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  1. Good to be back!

    1. Sagonmyface


      Me too cause you are hot

    2. flameboard


      And im pleased to see you back :D

  2. Funny. But i don't think you'd ever get me to do that! Unless someone paid me!
  3. Anyone from UK? Merry Christmas!!

    1. Lee249


      Not quite yet lol. Merry Christmas buddy!

  4. Was a brilliant film!! Yes, I love one Direction. .
  5. Love reading all you non smoking moaning complaints. . Off for a ***.
  6. Quick video for you guys as been a long time! Showing off my new shorts and boxers!

    1. manniberlin
    2. Guest


      Cool JJ undies, love your 883's!

  7. Brighton, UK - Every goes to the seaside every single day and has fish and chips...
  8. Haha. I love it! This would definitely be a fight id wanna watch! Come on One Direction! Smash em!
  9. So what if someone smokes?! You can't exactly do it anywhere inside anyways. .
  10. Haven't been on in a while as I have been busy! Name: Keith Age: 20 Height: 6 Weight: Haven't in ages Style: Casual Sexuality: Gay Hobbies: Theme parks, sagging, shopping, swimming Location: South UK
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