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    Talk to me people!
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    Sagging, Underwear, Smokers, Bad boys, Spit, Wet etc
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  1. Good to be back!

    1. Sagonmyface


      Me too cause you are hot

    2. flameboard


      And im pleased to see you back :D

  2. Keith

    Getting Wet

    Funny. But i don't think you'd ever get me to do that! Unless someone paid me!
  3. Anyone from UK? Merry Christmas!!

    1. Lee249


      Not quite yet lol. Merry Christmas buddy!

  4. Keith

    Hands Down Sweat And Track Pants

    I see this a lot too. Love it!!
  5. Was a brilliant film!! Yes, I love one Direction. .
  6. Keith

    Smoking Confuses Me...

    Love reading all you non smoking moaning complaints. . Off for a ***.
  7. Quick video for you guys as been a long time! Showing off my new shorts and boxers!

    1. manniberlin
    2. Guest


      Cool JJ undies, love your 883's!

  8. Keith

    Sterotypes Of Where Your From

    Brighton, UK - Every goes to the seaside every single day and has fish and chips...
  9. Haha. I love it! This would definitely be a fight id wanna watch! Come on One Direction! Smash em!
  10. Keith

    Smoking Confuses Me...

    So what if someone smokes?! You can't exactly do it anywhere inside anyways. .
  11. Keith


    Haven't been on in a while as I have been busy! Name: Keith Age: 20 Height: 6 Weight: Haven't in ages Style: Casual Sexuality: Gay Hobbies: Theme parks, sagging, shopping, swimming Location: South UK

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