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  1. Hey man ;) Hope you're doing well. 

  2. hey man. hope you're good bro. wish we still spoke!

  3. keep sagging boxers. they look good

  4. Hey man, I hope you're good! :)

  5. hey sexy...thanks for your great comments on my new pics. you can watch me any day of the week bro.

  6. loving your sagging and pants fall down pics

    1. socalhottie19


      do you have a kik?

  7. kik me @socalhottie1935

  8. Yes you should My freshman year at university, a friend visited my roommate and stayed in our room. He left his bag unzipped. I looked in it when they went out. There was one pair of boxers (only a weekend stay). I tried them on and sagged them. It was so hot. He could've walked in and found me at any time.
  9. kik me socalhottie1935

  10. I just voted for you in the summer competition. Nice pic man : )

    1. mj23


      congratulations on winning the competition, was a great pic :)

  11. Kik me guys and lets trade pics! @socalhottie1935

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