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  1. You are one of the nicest people I know here on SaggerWorld! :)

  2. Hey Brother I Really Enjoy Chatting with you! :)

    1. skatenude


      I know it been so long! 

  3. Dude! That was epic! Please come back in the morning!

  4. i like your sag man. Especially that profile pic. Really hot.

  5. Dude, I love you! I want you really soon, baby. I don't know how much longer I can last..

  6. Did you really? I did it first on a dare then when I was skating by myself I stripped down. Summer is great man cause it give you reason to get naked.

  7. I tried it... I liked it!! Don't ya just love the summer?

  8. You like that huh. Feels great you should try it sometime.

  9. Hi Skatenude. I like the sound of that! xx


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