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  1. Love this pic! Gets me hard every time I see it!
  2. 3-4. Hot young guys but slightly older women.
  3. This is from my Elliot Stories. The Ross Comes Out episode i posted in May ladt year. It's in the 18+ Stories. It's not quite exactly what happened to me but it's pretty darn close:- Realising that Elliot had come out to his parents, even though involuntarily, made me think seriously about coming out to mine. Until this point I hadn't really given it much consideration. I suppose I vaguely thought that some day soon I'd grow up a bit and start fancying girls. Realistically I was starting to accept that this wasn't going to happen. Had I ever had crush on a girl? Had I ever even understood why
  4. Saggerworld.tv on the PC, saggerworld.com on the iPad. Oh yeah!
  5. When I was about 15 I was out in the countryside on my bike on my own and I fancied a bit of hand action. So I took my bike across a ploughed field and into a small wood. I checked carefully there was no-one about and dropped my pants. I kept looking out over the field while playing with it. After a while I thought I better check behind me too. So I turned around and to my utter astonishment saw what looked like a gamekeepers rucksack hanging from a tree right behind me! I got my pants up and back on my bike and across that ploughed field sooo fu<king quick!
  6. This is certainly an interesting and apparently unusual situation. I say apparently because who knows how many bros do this? I'm bi but I only have a sister - who I'm certainly not interested in doing that kinda thing with - so if I had a brother I expect I'd have no interest in him either. But taboos about incest surely came about to avoid genetic problems being created/passed down to the offspring of heterosexual relationships. So I don't see why these rules should apply to gay relationships. There is a great quote by Shakespeare that says "There is nothing either good or bad but thinking m
  7. Avido

    A Or B?

    Damn! I've done that thing of being in the wrong page again! Definitely shoelaces. Morning or night person??
  8. Avido

    A Or B?

    Cybermen - they scare the living daylights out of me! Morning person or night person?
  9. Fabik, I think it's true that generally we regret most the things that we DIDN'T do. If you did it and didn't like it you could just put it down to experience and forget it. It's not that big a deal really.
  10. I meant he he! Oh yes! My gaydar was once activated by this cute guy. Got totally into chatting him up and we were getting on really well. But unfortunately he (typical straight) was completely oblivious to what was happening until his mate pointed out that I was really into him. At which point he hurriedly started rabbiting on about his GF and giving me a hard time. Doh!
  11. Oh Yum! I don't understand the fetish for sneakers - I have it - a bit - but I still don't understand it. But yeah, yum!
  12. I kinda always assumed we we're all at least a bit bi. But I've just read a book on gay psychology that claims bisexuality is really rare - like only 0.6% of men. (It's different for girls). That's astounded me - I always thought guys who claimed to be totally straight were just fibbing!
  13. Spinning is like a gym class on exercise bikes. It's bloody exhausting too!
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