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    Hey, I made a new sagging video, my second one. So, if you have any feedback or recommendations, I would be very thankful.
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    I'll do that to you anytime
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    personally, I don't care for **** size as much as body size. If the guy is less than 6inches, I'd rather be top than the bottom. 6.5-8, I don't care who tops, but any bigger than 8, I'm begging to bottom. But this also is changed in preference by thickness.
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    A couple of nice shots of these guys sagging in this mv, especially the man with the blue shirt : 0;29 ; 0:50 ; 1:14 ; 1:25 ; 2:13 ; 2:22 ; 2:33 ; 2:40 ; 2:57 ; 3:00 ; 3:35 ;

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