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    im not much of a sagger, so I'm shy on my sags
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  1. Probably last time in a long time I'll be able to get on here. I'll try again in a few days, hmu for my number in want to keep in contact

  2. secsagger999

    What do you sleep in

    Usually just shirtless, sometimes in just underwear or naked
  3. I'm not much of a sagger either but I definitely like to watch! Cincinnati, OH here. Hmu dude!

  4. secsagger999

    Underwear Experts

    Alright, wasn't trying to disguise anything. And cause of this, when i had read my emails I had decided also to just remove the link. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. secsagger999

    Embarrassing Erections

    oh gods
  6. secsagger999

    Underwear Experts

    Ah, that's why. I'm in the US, I think Underwear Experts are US only for the shipping, not too sure.
  7. secsagger999

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

  8. secsagger999

    Underwear Experts

    what's Harrods?
  9. secsagger999

    Underwear Experts

    So I was wondering if anyone has done the subscription to the Underwear Experts and how they liked it. Cause i've been thinking about doing them for a while now but not sure if it'd be worth making part of my budget since it'd cut into my TCG money. if you don't know what it is, i'll put the link here for you: https://www.underwearexpert.com/
  10. secsagger999

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

    Most people is the people in my and surrounding areas
  11. secsagger999

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

    Most people for me are just turned away by my skin or the fact I'm not the stereo-typical black man. Another reason I don't sag much out in public, more of a private thing with close friends.
  12. secsagger999

    Guys with a small p***s

    Don't forget that most of the readings for small, average, and larger (length) dicks haven't been taken recently. I've been messing around with guys since I was 17 (first guy was at 16 and I'm currently 22 now) and I don't care for people to know that I've done stuff with all different sizes of guys and ages. I wanna say i've come across maybe 1 out of 11 guys who's dicks were 6in and below. I'd like to think, depending on area, the sense of average of **** size is different. About 7 of 11 guys i've done things with were 8ins and above to where the other 3 of 11 were between 6in and 8inches. Granted, this doesn't take into consideration of the guys either general health or body size (which according to a few documentaries, I "randomly" found on my parents Netflix, years back explains has a part in ones p***s length), cause I'd rather think of all of them generally equal without throwing in extra points of theories.
  13. secsagger999


    I'll do that to you anytime
  14. secsagger999

    Guys with a small p***s

    personally, I don't care for **** size as much as body size. If the guy is less than 6inches, I'd rather be top than the bottom. 6.5-8, I don't care who tops, but any bigger than 8, I'm begging to bottom. But this also is changed in preference by thickness.

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