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    im not much of a sagger, so I'm shy on my sags
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  1. secsagger999

    Strangest fetish you've come across?

    I know a few into that. Weirdest for me has been farting so far. But there's always something for someone.
  2. secsagger999

    Embarrassing Erections

    haha, nice
  3. secsagger999

    Sell or trade underwear

    I'm up for selling or trading underwear, but only in the US. I can't really do international shipping, lol. Just shoot me a message to find the sizes and state of the undies.
  4. If you're looking to follow my instagram account, shoot me a message on here or there. I'm getting a lot of spam followers and I'm looking to show to the ones actually into sagging

  5. secsagger999

    How old are y’all boys

    Na, you're not.
  6. I made the instagram account. Follow me on it to catch my sagging pics and videos.

  7. secsagger999

    Rim Or No Rim

    I feel the same. Love it, but it depends on the guy and how good he is at doing it
  8. secsagger999

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

    Personally, I'd love just to find an honest, loving boyfriend. The sagging is just an extra plus.
  9. secsagger999


    come get it. lol
  10. secsagger999


  11. secsagger999

    Anyone into worn undies?

    Same here
  12. secsagger999

    What age was everyone when you started jerking off

    Was about 10 or 11 myself.
  13. secsagger999

    Video Games

    I'm more for strategic puzzle games than shooting/do-whatever games. That and old games that are on multi-platforms (video, board, card).

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