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  1. What a great topic! It’s something I’ve discussed in therapy before. Like a few other people on here, I get super hard from seeing guys sagging, but sex has never been interesting for me. I love the kissing, closeness and touching, but they don’t arouse me. When I go on dates, if we end up coming back to my place, I always want it to end before anything can happen beyond making out. I’ve had orgasms from guys blowing me, but I can’t stay hard when I’ve tried to top guys, and I hate bottoming. In order to stay hard with a guy, I have to think about sagging. It’s interesting to see that som
  2. i want to know the same thing i would love to see your flickr pics again esp the august 2009 upload and the sagger with the green backwards hat with a sweater some boxers and pants saggin at the c**k and below the ass

  3. hey, where are your flickr pics? I really enjoyed them. Please come back and post great sagging pics!

  4. hey! wanna meet the weekend after next? i live in DC and loooove to sag. do you, too? wanna go to the mall and sag together? i just moved here and the mall north of baltimore is filled with little sagging kids. it's called white marsh - do you know it?



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