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    Just a guy, into seeing saggers and sagging myself when I can -- which is not often enough :-(
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    Music (classical, but also others), religion, Mac computers, sagging, saggers, colorful socks

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  1. Hey man! How’s it going? Tried to private message you, but doesn’t look like you’ve seen it…

  2. Where do you work / what type of work do you do?
  3. Are you the same dude who likes to tie up guys? Thanks.

  4. But this other guy is getting away with it…?
  5. So hot!! At the time when he showed you his tattoos, how low and how visible were you sagging? You should’ve snuck some pics of him later on as he kept stretching and moving with his sag showing… 😉
  6. Hey man! Whereabouts in the US are you?

  7. From Nally’s Instagram story
  8. Specifically starting at 9:29
  9. (The game starts in a little after 6:40... Don't miss some nice post-game shots with him walking away from the camera, starting around 10:20 and following)
  10. Still in London today (Sunday, 22 Oct)... would love to hang out with some saggers this afternoon... free from 2:00pm onward!  Leaving 1st thing tomorrow morning, so this is my last chance for London.  (Off to Berlin, tho)

  11. Day-um!!! He's hot!!!!
  12. Anybody in the Chicago area, want to meet up somewhere and sag together Friday evening, Sept 15, or sometime Saturday, Sept 16?

  13. Just curious... anyone else on here host on AirBNB? Do you sag around your guests... and if so, any reactions?
  14. especially 1:10 to 1:47. Also 5:12 to end...
  15. And when he tells you it's "hot as F****", do you let it slide lower? hehe...
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