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  1. sweedweed

    sweedi vids

  2. sweedweed

    need loosy big sneakers

    Maybe someone know some brands for loosy sneakers, need a pair for my style:-) I had a look at dvs sneakers, its not bad, but well... advise me on loosy sneakers:-)
  3. sweedweed

    Response of sagging in public

    today i sagged low in public, and a relative did see me. and he said ur pants falling down soon:D thats why i asked something personlly, and he got himself shame, and he forgots my pants for sure:) i gues i managed it perfectly:)
  4. sweedweed

    Response of sagging in public

    hehe cool:)
  5. sweedweed

    Some fast small clips

  6. sweedweed

    Word Association Game

    porn? sry^^
  7. sweedweed

    Some fast small clips

    http://youtu.be/xFfCgjTcR1E http://youtu.be/6Mb2gz9v0x4 http://youtu.be/MIEGgS4Bew0
  8. sweedweed

    my first sagging video

    any suggestions for my style and vid?!
  9. sweedweed

    Word Association Game

  10. sweedweed

    Response of sagging in public

    yeah, u all are right!
  11. sweedweed

    At What Age Did You Start Jacking Off?

    i was 13/14, but the effect befor i jacked off first time was still alive for 1-2 years with 11/12^^
  12. the last days in the summer i jacked off 3 times/day two days ago i jacked off 5 times, my record was 8 times with an age of 16 i eating some yoghurts and i will get crazy
  13. sweedweed

    What are you wearing right now?

    a long black tshirt from dnger, and a white t shirt even longer then the black one. Old sancezz baggy pants size 38, and 3 boxer shorts sagging under c++k and under balls and ass, felt very crazy!! ->>just have a look on my new photos, soon... would be nice if u have some suggestions!! but i have just one problem, i always thinking about how people would look at me, and i get a little bit nervous

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