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  1. I have black magnum and I like them as much as skate sneakers. I wear only camo pants with my military boots. And of course I sag my camo pants low. It doesnt matter what kind of pants I wear: baggys, camo, shorts. Most of them I sag below my butt and ****.
  2. Nice sagging pics dude! Where you from? :D

  3. Hi there; dont suppose you could upload some more pics of you sagging low in your camos with the legs tucked into your army boots could you? I think that looks really hot :-)

  4. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! Hope all is well with yew!

  5. Awesome :-).

    Plus i love your baggy sagging pics.

  6. hey man, take some new pics. I sag my camo pants and wear army boots too.

  7. I walk on my jeans. I like them dirty and ripped too.
  8. Hey what's up dude? How have you been doing?

  9. dam hot bro- wanna cam?

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