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  1. Sock and skate shoe sniffing
  2. nice lookin sag. dude taking the video can suck a ****.
  3. I would but I love my kicks to much. Never let a good pair of skate kicks go since high school!
  4. I am lol but I know there's alot of guys out there in the same boat
  5. Used to spend bank at Pac sun but they got way to fukkin preppy. Probably why they goin bankrupt now. Even zumiez is too Fuckin preppy. Not feelin the new skater styles. I'm more old school. Still like the brand's that you're forced to buy online cuz nobody sells the **** in stores. Any one else feel me????
  6. Damn this dudes the only one that mentioned DVS. In my opinion DVS are still the best skate shoe out there. Still sell em fat and loose like a skate shoe should be. Fukk those thin tight skate kicks. We need to go back to the 90s and 00s styles.
  7. Also wear BBS under my boardies
  8. Saw this dude at the gas station today, saggin low as hell wit his jeans tucked into his crew length socks. Anyone else see this becoming a new trend? Looked hot AF. I might have to give it a try.
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