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    Love to talk and meet people, so hit me up!
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  1. worldsagger1

    Guy sagging

    very hot sag!
  2. worldsagger1


    whats the price?
  3. hey man nice sags, are you in australia? are you on insta? my insta is @worldsagger


    1. nzsag


      Hey I am in Australia ☺ I dont have insta though...

  4. hey man i live in sydney, hit me up!

  5. hey man i live in sydney, hit me up

  6. worldsagger1

    Alguien hispano?

    hola bienvenido, soy de españa! hay varios españoles y latinos! encantado de estar in touch such great pics you have!
  7. worldsagger1

    "Borrowing" Roommate's Boxers

    As you said, even if they are just boxer briefs it has a special meaning to you and thats why you get hard when you are wearing them, it happened to me as well. I would say, keep them, take some pics, as you said he has many so he wouldn't miss one for couple of days and you could sag them so he might see it and think oh cool he has the same pair. I like the idea of doing mix laundry and you could borrow a pair from time to time
  8. hey man i mved to australia, where are you based? my insta is worldsagger, would be cool to meet

  9. hey man i mved to australia, where are you based? my insta is worldsagger, would be cool to meet

  10. heyy are you in australia? my insta is worldsagger and just moved here

    would be cool to meet

  11. heyy im in australia, are you on insta? mine is @worldsagger
    would be cool to meet
  12. posted few pics i took after recieving a visit from a sagger that had a layover in my city for 1 day, hope you like them, have some more with me :)

    1. saggernewbie


      who's the lucky sagger ? ;)

  13. worldsagger1

    CALVIN 13

    can i come with my sag and help you picking up the product below yours? looks like u need help..
  14. worldsagger1

    CALVIN 18

    what an albummmm
  15. worldsagger1

    CALVIN 11


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