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  1. Hola, que tal?? Hace mucho que no nos hablamos... borré mi cuenta de msn hace muchos meses. Tenés skype?

    1. ngnrcvl


      sure: ngnrcvl add me!

    2. jasper


      te agregé, lo mio es charlesfulton1

  2. Te mandaba un mensaje pero sw me dice que no puedes recibir nuevos mensajes.Igual tienes superada la capacidad del messenger

  3. Hola. Excitantes fotos, muy buenas.

  4. Hola! Como estas? I hope you still remember me ^^ Later

  5. Hey mate, yeah been good thanks! How about you? Anything new?

  6. hi, haven't talked to you in a while, how have you been? :)

  7. Thanks dude! x

  8. not to bad, not to bad at all thanks :) and yourself?

  9. hey, how have you been?

  10. hey, its been a while since we talk for the last time, how have you been?

  11. wow your pics are amazing

  12. wow, great pics man, they left me speechless

  13. Thank u for the comments,Ur new album is really hot too;)

  14. Your new album is so good!

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