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  1. Hey do you have any pics of yourself? :D I noticed you are into bondage, I also like bd a whole lot hihi

  2. porsche991

    Word Association Game

  3. porsche991

    A Or B?

    Marvel Iron man or Thor (who's better)
  4. porsche991

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    She wolf by David guetta and sia
  5. porsche991

    Word Association Game

  6. porsche991

    A Or B?

    Doctor - he touches needs sperm samples hehe Seafood-lobster or crab
  7. porsche991

    Word Association Game

  8. porsche991

    A Or B?

    Leather Maserati gt or porsche 911
  9. porsche991

    Word Association Game

  10. porsche991


    I was 14 when I lost it..with my sexy vest friend
  11. porsche991

    I Want To Try This

    I am so going to do that now haha
  12. porsche991

    What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Rainy and humid here in hawaii
  13. porsche991

    Word Association Game

  14. porsche991

    Word Association Game

  15. porsche991

    New Movies At The Cinema

    WARNING SPOILERS!!! World war z was kind of lame because they never explained how they became zombies and the family was basically useless After the first scene and isn't 12 seconds a little Short for a turn and why the **** Did they go to Israel and Korea for no important reason

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