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  1. You're amazing Liam! Enjoyed our phone conversation mate. Proper catch up soon yeah x 

  2. Great chat earlier Liam thank you loved it. Lets arrange that overdue reunion soon. Cannot wait! Lee x 

  3. Home alone this Saturday, so going to be sagging loads, might get some new bbs for the occasion, any suggestions? HMU if you fancy a cam session on skype or something. 

    1. Lukey


      wouldn't mind a skype call r u on instagram? im lukethesagger if wanna add whats urs?

    2. bmore09


      oo this sounds fun

    3. Lee249


      Have you still got the ones i hid under your bed? Hehe... I'm curious to know 😛

  4. Missed you since we did our album. That was special Liam ☺️ Sorry I had to work through last summer. Deffo up for it again when we can, Lee 

  5. New album is up guys! let me know what you think! :)

    1. Lee249


      Very nice mate. Sorry we missed out on a second shoot this summer. Hopefully, we'll hook up again soon! Maybe a Christmas themed album next? Look forward to it 😉 

    2. l12336


      Lets do it!

  6. Got some time next week to take much overdue pics, any ideas/requests? :)


    1. Lukey


      Sagging so low to knees double sag in public, on bus/train walking on streets love to see a hot ass sagger...

  7. Just replied to your message Lee, let me know :) 

  8. Please check your inbox Re: Photoshoot mate 😀 

    1. l12336


      replied :)

    2. Lee249


      I've sent some ideas to you 😁

  9. Hit me up when you're next available dude, we'll sort something 😀

  10. So got 2 weeks off work, any ideas for a new album? Haven't put one up in ages so feeling the urge... let me know :)

    1. Lukey


      double sagging very low in public and sagging on public transport....

  11. Amazing the previous shoot we did mate - just gone through the album. We outta hookup again! & Soon. Duo wet sag adventure is the next 😉


    1. l12336


      Absolutely, I'm up for that!

  12. Can't wait for our meet up next Friday. Gonna be awesome! :thumbup1:

    1. Lukey


      where is this guy from?

  13. I'm home alone all day, add me on skype liam.binley1 :)


  14. Long awaited new pics are awaiting approval, hope you like them. Comments would be greatly appreciated :)

  15. At home and really bored, anyone want to see a hot sag on Skype??? Add me liam.binley1

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