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  1. Added 3 new pics ;D they're pending.

  2. Did anyone else notice how the painter kept running his finger over the boy's nipple? ;]
  3. I'm looking to buy or trade underwear! Check my listing under the buy/sell tab.

  4. Who knew that JFK's great nephew Conor sags? Check it out in the gallery. http://www.saggerworld.com/gallery/image/73310-conor-kennedy/

  5. I took a few underwear pics. No sagging but I hope you enjoy anyway ;]

  6. These aren't YouTube videos but are.. entertaining to say the least. I hope they will be allowed to be seen on this forum. Found them while I was "browsing the web" ;] enjoy WERE REALLY SORRY BUT THESE LINKS CAN NOT BE SHARED HERE DUE TO OUR GOOGLE ADSENSE POLICY. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.
  7. hot, sexy pics man. nearly creamed myself just by looking at them

  8. New snowboarding saggin pics up!

  9. Freeball saggin some trashed hollister jeans out to dinner tonight ;)

  10. Decided to wear my tiny bikini briefs for the first time in forever today. Much harder to fit into, although I haven't gained any weight ;] Guess I'm still growing!

  11. Yeah, there is a ski slope where I live and sagging is really big among skiers and snowboarders! In fact, there's a term that I and other boarders/skiers use. It's called having a "steezy" look (a combination of stylish and easy). If you don't sag on the slopes, you're kind of weird among the young boarders. Because it really does take A LOT of effort to keep your pants up ;]
  12. someone jerk off with me. lol

  13. Damn, it feels so fricken good after shaving my **** and balls

  14. Give me ideas for some new saggin' pics ;)

    1. wetboxers


      Get ur sag wet!

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