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  1. Follow my instagram for more pictures: https://www.instagram.com/dutchsagger/

  2. Congrats your my Sagger of The Week :D

  3. start doing butt exercises like squats. This is a nice routine: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BPQOieQCQAIOL66.jpg:large Search for the names on google how to do the exercises. Cheese.
  4. Have to youtube them, don't know both. *listening to songs* Spice girls, because they don't wear bra's in their "wannabe" song clip Extremely hot weather or extremely cold weather?
  5. Pics soon only visible for friends, make sure you add me!! :)

  6. hmm skinny then comfort or casual clothes?
  7. beach resort <3 Brown eyes or blue eyes?
  8. Villa, more privacy Gym shoes or leather shoes?
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