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  1. Sounds like this could make for a crazy hot story 😉
  2. Mattie


    Definitely a great low sag there
  3. Some very nice hot low sagging going on aswell
  4. Why have I never seen or heard of this guy seriously his sags are hot as F**** 1 of the best
  5. Amazing sags love the orange hot as F**** . Skate is such a great sagger probably my favourite right now find it so hot in vids or pics when he's sagging mad low smoking a joint or blunt
  6. Mattie


    Mainly same smoke weed but sometimes with bit of tobacco in it to make it a spliff Can't always afford to just smoke straight weed
  7. I mostly sag just under my dxck sometimes I let it fall to mid thigh if I'm really turned on only time I don't sag under dxck is at work then it's about half ass I do it because it feels gr8 and looks cool
  8. Great man he wears a real nice sag
  9. I think I was 10 or 11 kind of happened by accident I woke up 1 morning hard and just started stroking it
  10. Green boxer briefs (sagging half ass) black skinny jeans ripped on knees navy blue shirt with black tie (im at work) and black skate shoes
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