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  1. Definitely worth the price - high quality, really comfy and not too tight. At least for me, they are perfect. Here in Europe, the price is not that high at all, you can buy them as single pieces or as a set.
  2. im not sure who your sagger friends were in your last album, but go follow them round with a camera more often haha. nice album!

    1. berlinsaggger


      I deffo would! But they are far away. The one guy lives another country. But don't worry, I'm looking forward to see him soon 😉

  3. Holy f***!! Unbelievably low and hot. Awesome dude.
  4. I have an Xbox360 and bought now a Playstation4.For Xbox I love the Tomb Raider Games, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia especially. For PS4 I have The Last of Us Remastered, of course Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, The Evil Within. I'm playing now with Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor but the bust one was The Last of Us I think. Also considering to buy Grand Theft Auto 5 it must be just awesome. I really believe Ps4 is a better choice for next-gen than the Xbox One.
  5. yeah I've seen their performances live too, loved the music and his sag! it was on the 3rd October 2013 in Berlin!
  6. not the best underwear of the world but he's a cutie and his sag is hot indeed!! I love seeing guys fighting while the pants are getting lower and lower
  7. Damn, your picture of you in the garden is amazing!

    1. berlinsaggger


      thank you so much! if you say so than it must be true! :)

    2. flameboard


      Truly love it! Think i found my sagger of the week picture!!

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