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  1. who has an iphone on here and would like to imessage? 

    1. SaggersRhot


      Hey man,

      I don't have a iphone but I like to text and skype. Message me your text #

  2. how's yalls day been? 

  3. let's show off on skype my dude. add me : zach_d98.

  4. let's be snapchat friends, add me @ aightzach!!

    1. ehrenmann


      I wrote you, but you don't answer ...

    2. zachd98


      i deleted kik due to people never messaging me. snapchat me. 

    3. ehrenmann


      I don't have snapchat. What is the advantage of snapchat over messaging here?

  5. zachd98

    Vid of you sagging

    Dang you lookin fine bro, wanna hmu?
  6. been needing some sagger friends to talk too, hit me up on snapchat @ aightzach!

  7. Got some new shorts that came in and looking to take private pics for people.

    Message me on Kik for them. @/aightdude. (with the period) 

  8. Let's start a conversation on kik. I love to send pics on there so hit me up !!! 

    kik :: aightdude. (with the period) 

  9. Kik me !! Let's be sagger friends and send pics. @ aightdude. period is there. 

  10. zachd98

    A Or B?

    pizza boxers: american eagle or calvin klein?
  11. hey y'all. i barely post pics on here but if you'd like private pics, message me on kik @ aightdude. (with the period) 

  12. Hey y'all,, does anyone want any new friends or sagger buddies? I love to meet new people and just make new friends. Reply to this or send me a message. 

    THANKS !! 

    1. boyzzz1994


      yeah why not!


    2. zachd98


      On 4/10/2018 at 1:53 AM, boyzzz1994 said:

      yeah why not!


      message me bro. 

  13. Cute sag man !!! hmu sometime

  14. You look so good man !!! hmu sometime. 

  15. i've been starting to sag more. can someone tell me how it is? pm me!!!


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