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  1. check your pms bro :) 

    1. Lee249


      Ok. Check it now dude ☺️

  2. you’re beautiful bro 🤤

  3. Yo Zach. Just wanted to check in to see how you are buddy. Hope you are feeling better.

    Best regards, Lee 

    1. zachd98


      i don’t know what to do 

  4. check your PMs bro 

  5. wanna skype bro?

  6. hey man, send me a PM please

  7. check yo messages man :) 

  8. hey man you’re looking so cute 

  9. please text me man :( i’m in an awful place in my life 

    1. Lee249


      Stay strong mate. Will message you now. 

    2. Lee249


      I sent you a PM hours ago. Hope you are ok. Lee

  10. zachd98

    Zach Clayton

    i’ll do that to you bebe
  11. ;) send me a message man 

  12. i got some new calvin klein’s. who wants a peek at them?

    1. Lukey


      Yes, certainly plz

    2. StefvdZwet
  13. bro you’ve got a big booty ;) your best ASSet ! 

    1. shortydude


      Thank you I guess it is my best asset 😂

    2. zachd98


      it’s definitely a cutie with a booty 

  14. i miss you man 


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