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  1. Rekhel

    Eurovision 2018

    France has a gift for sending...not winning things
  2. I'm clearly into video games : playing a lot and even working as a game developer. So my life is full of fun lol And I love to listen to music and go to concerts (the only way I found to make sport while enjoying it lol) and I'm trying to learn playing the piano. One of my other interest is sneakers, because I love them and have quite a large collection now
  3. New album is UP ! Enjoy ;)

    1. WetSaggerstyle
    2. Lee249


      Merci beaucoup!! 😁

  4. Don't worry. I love snapbacks, sagging and all...but I listen Symphonic Metal music, and some Rap music, and Classic Music. I love sewing, growing plants and playing the bass, and I work as a video game developper. That's what makes humans cool : we can be surprising and have interests in several things. You're completely normal, just enjoy what you love !
  5. I'll send some if there's still some place !
  6. I guess for me it's my first time ever doing something with a guy (actually it's my boyfriend) in the public toilets of a gaming covention in Paris, with the cleaning woman washing the toilets next to mines. Very special day for me haha !
  7. Rekhel

    I don't like Flameboard

    Haha I'm sure it's a pleasure to live with Flameboard...He's probably always out taking showing his sag, so the house is probably very quiet !
  8. Rekhel

    I don't like Flameboard

    Guess what... I'm not surprised ! Sooo, what's the matter with french people ? We have sexy and nice guys !
  9. Rekhel

    I don't like Flameboard

    Come to visit me in the South of France, you'll have no excuse with wind or cold water ! haha I nearly understand you Oli. My boyfriend is always looking like he is forced when I ask him to take pics... I think we should create a psychological therapy group for you guys that are sad to be forced to take pics of us haha
  10. Rekhel


    I would just ignore it as he removed it. Yoda said: "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is." Size doesn't change anything, the way you use it is more important. Self confidence is you ally
  11. Happy New Sagging Year guys ! :)

  12. Woodkid - Volcano Awesome song, I'm so happy he finally released it in good quality
  13. Rekhel

    Pierced ears and earrings

    I like them too ! Maybe one day I'll have the courage to do something like this ^^
    1. Robert18


      Hey Rekhel. Hope you're doing great, buddy. Robby here, don't know if you remember me. But I'm glad to see everyone's doing ok.

  14. Rekhel


    Same here
  15. Rekhel

    Amazon Wish Lists

    Mine is here, but it's not fully up to date : http://www.amazon.fr/registry/wishlist/1ECD2LRFEWKRX
  16. Diablo Swing Orchestra - Stratosphere Serenade
  17. New Truth or Dare details and round 1 available in the dedicated forum ! :)

  18. Rekhel

    What are you wearing right now?

    New Pull-Ins http://www.saggerworld.com/gallery/image/78680-/ http://www.saggerworld.com/gallery/album/5492-/
  19. Rekhel

    What are you wearing right now?

    What I've been wearing today : http://www.saggerworld.com/gallery/image/78098-/
  20. Rekhel

    I will be the first time bot.

    Breathe. Really, I forgot to breathe the first times so I wasn't relaxed at all lol And be patient, both of you. You may not find it awesome the first time...You have to find the good way, don't hesitate to change position, it can makes things easier.
  21. Rekhel


    Whaaaaaaat ?? Isn't Paris a charming and welcoming city with nice people ? Oh wait... At least, there are a few good saggers
  22. Rekhel


    Come in Paris instead
  23. Rekhel

    You and your other half

    Done ! Thanks for suggesting !

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