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  1. wilder

    What is your waist size?

    my waist is 27 but i like my jeans loose so i go 30.
  2. sup. how you doin? what all you into?

  3. No worries, nice to see someone close to where i am lol.

  4. Hey man/ Thanks for the add :)

  5. hey man. how are ya?

  6. we are prety close. i mean. we get changed infront of each other and i have walked out the shower in the buff infront of him. we dont really bother. its just at night i tend to get bit horny - and thats a side i prefer him not to see if you know what i mean.
  7. have to sleep in boxers coz i share my room with me younger bro but if hes at a sleep over or somethin like that then its naked all the way!
  8. wilder

    cock and info about yourself

    uncut 16 in 2 weeks first **** was when i was 11. yea. but hes str8 so aint gonna happen. im open minded and will try anything but only 1 on 1. dont do groups and 3soms.
  9. wilder

    Cut Or Uncut

    its a proven fact that guys who are cut are less sensative coz the head rubs on the clothes an stuff. im uncut an lovin it. dont care if a lads cut or not. still works teh same
  10. wilder

    Any guy bi or gay?

    16 and bi. although more into tha boys at teh moment.
  11. wilder

    any one in the UK...

    agre with boxers. how young? (:
  12. wilder

    str8... hmm

    sounds like heaven bro. c**k in mouth an ***** on ma c**k. man that sounds great. sorry to hear you didnt like it tho.

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