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  1. Welcome back.

  2. Thanks for the friend request. You've got some hot pics!

  3. You are damn hot dude! Awesome pics!

  4. hey dude, you're damn hot yourself! I don't have skype or cam :-(

    But, I'd love to trade pics. you ever come out to CA?

  5. I 'm glad you liked the pic. He is really hot

  6. sup hottie? check out my pics? you skype?

  7. hey dude! hit me up! lol

  8. Hot pics dude!

  9. hot profile pic dude. would like to chat and see more of that sag buddy! :-)

  10. wow I live like 6 hours away from you! haha sweet! I live in Ohio!

  11. well hello there cutie! Of course I would love to chat with you! ooolalala!! haha ur adorable!!!! Matthew Doernberg is the name on skype and my personal email is magicmatt123@gmail.com muwah!

  12. sup. how you doin? what all you into?

  13. sup hottie. check out my pics. if you like, hit me back... i got skype, maybe we can chat and sag on cam

  14. sup hottie. luv your pics. check me out, if you're interested i have skype. would luv to chat and sag wit you. hit me back

  15. hey mate ! cool profile pic, post some more !!

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