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  1. I remember there was a YouTube channel containing all the World's Strictest Parents.
  2. Damn that was a hot sag. Any other video similar to this?
  3. The majority of girls like it only when your waistband of your boxers is visible. Some like mid-ass sagging, Some even like when you sag your pants entirely.
  4. if i wasn't scared i would sag below my ass. but since i'm a starter i do it 5 inches below he waistband
  5. My eyes are brown. I wish I had blue eyes though
  6. I would steal from stores, Bang plenty of chicks. Make some guys sag and unfreeze time and enjoy their sags.
  7. PC > Mac. Never owned a Mac, but I can guarantee you that a PC does everything you can do in a Mac for a lower price.
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