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  1. Hi!

    Ihaven’t been sagging for long and+I bought a pair of new jeans that fell naturally to let them hang. What do you think? Are they too low?





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    2. danmart


      Thanks too. And by the way they aren't too low! Looks perfect on you. 

    3. Alexsaggerguy


      Good. When you sag you should do it properly of course and not just a little bit. Hehe.

    4. danmart


      Yes I agree. I sometimes forget that  and need to remember it. But now I'm locked at home for weeks it's easy to sag low. 

  2. Wow! I think the guy in the grey underwear is the hottest. A perfect sag!
  3. Hey! I like your style and how you sag! Keep it that way and post more photos and videos. :D

  4. Crazy and cute. I think the skinny low jeans are so sexy!
  5. He´s hot. A swede and I have not heard about him. Oh, wait. I have it´s Samir from Paradise Hotel.
  6. Sag as low as you like! Don´t care about what people say! I don´t understand why people get so upset about sagging? I don´t get it.
  7. Do you know if Soulja boy always sag below his ****? You see here in this video at 0:08 his bulge above his jeans through his red undies. You see at 0:53, 2:11. I´m not in to his music or smoking thing but he sure has a great sag. I´m not sure if I think it´s a bit too low or not. I can´t believe I waste my time on this... ;-)
  8. I haven´t posted anything for a while here, I haven´t seen so many guys sagging lately and I haven´t been sagging either. But, I still love sagging, I always will. And I watched this video on Youtube. Great sag.
  9. I love this site Saggerworld even though I´m not so active. I´m going to Florida and Key West with my family on vacation over the holidays. I hope I will see some guys sagging and i I get the chance take some photos. And I guess I will sag a bit in my shorts. ;-) MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  10. He his sagging low and showing off his red boxer briefs.
  11. Nice! The guy with the white undies has a sexy ass. He could sag just a bit lower though.
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