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  1. Same with All u all I like sagging but woman are the only ones I would put my hands on lol
  2. So I wanted to try on skiny but not tight jeans is the tight ones kill me and when I sag them they look really good so next winter I'm goin to get some really skinny but not tight jeans and sag them like mid butt like always , anyone here already do that ? Just wndering I fel like I may be the only one that does that?
  3. I wear boxers sometimes boxer briefs depends
  4. I know whatcha mean in school this one guy sags just like me 1/2 butt skinny ish jeans we don't talk much but I can't help but to look at his sag I'm straight aswell
  5. Well 1 was "I can see ur underwear" I said "u like em?" She laughed and said "yeah there cute, blue looks good on you"
  6. For me it's around 1/2butt a little more so I don't have to keep adjusting my pants. I sag with very slim jeans almost skinnys. And a tighterish shirt. What do u guys sag and how much sag? Ever get any girl comments?
  7. Yeah it's pretty wierd, people seeing ur underwear is an attention attracter seeing ppls crack is a attention retraction with underwear people kinda look and think nice colors free balling is 1 look and they think uhh I'm scared. No offence at all
  8. Sorry I spam posted but kinda like http://www.saggerworld.com/gallery/image/51437-image/
  9. Oh yeah I wear skinnyish jeans, a shirt that will ride up( tighter ish shirts) and just reg black sneakers
  10. Mid butt for me or if my pants ride down like 3/4 butt
  11. So I braoght up the topic of sagging to alot if my friends. All of them say oh i don't really like that. So actually I was sitting with my friend pat we were both sagging mid butt. My friend Ashley came over and said guys pull up your pants I hate when guys wear there jeans like that. And we go we were barely sagging and she goes well me and my fiend Lauren looked it up it came from prison. At this point I was a shy sagger only sagged with my freidns and pat I saw was slowely lowing his pants to match mine. Funny thin is I sag mid butt all the time now and she says nothing maybe she likes it o
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