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  1. Anothe few pictures uploaded. Awaiting moderation 😊

  2. sexysaggerengland

    My sags (pw saggerworld)

    NEW VIDEO!!! https://vimeo.com/364551814 YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED
  3. sexysaggerengland

    My sags (pw saggerworld)

    Just getting myself ready to do requested sag Videos upcoming but here's a teaser of me actually getting ready for it lol https://vimeo.com/364539213 PS: Not gonna be able to double sag this time as foolishly brought only one pair of boxers with me rather than two... and already wearing one so sorry!! Double sag will be next week
  4. Had a little candid photoshoot with my boyfriend in bed.. pictures to come!

    1. Lukey


      Ooh cannot wait to view! Hopefully it'll turn me on like always ;) :P You sag so low it's great also looking forward to u doing my request too double sagging in public xx

    2. sexysaggerengland


      That'll be happening hopefully tonight!! @Lukey

  5. sexysaggerengland

    My sags (pw saggerworld)

    If the weather is good, chances are I'll be doing a new one on Saturday evening public. Will probably do it in either bright white/bright green boxers, along with black jeans and a black hoodie to tell the contrast. Obviously will take some videos and it will be public on main roads Any ideas as to what exactly I should do, specific positions etc.?
  6. sexysaggerengland

    My sags (pw saggerworld)

    Thanks! anything you wanna see next from public sagging videos?
  7. sexysaggerengland

    Sagger heroes

    I saw this on Facebook but I think the situation surrounding the actual sagging made it a tad bit of a turn off 😬
  8. New album uploaded as well as videos for this album! Check out Recommended Videos under one of my topics for details ;) Please let me know what you think and if I should do more of these?

    1. fiji1


      LOVE IT :) More videos please!! The videos got me real horny.

  9. sexysaggerengland

    My sags (pw saggerworld)

    Here are some new vids corresponding to this album:- https://vimeo.com/361634263 https://vimeo.com/361634286 https://vimeo.com/361634322 https://vimeo.com/361634335 https://vimeo.com/361634360 https://vimeo.com/361634394 https://vimeo.com/361634415 https://vimeo.com/361634450 https://vimeo.com/361634524 https://vimeo.com/361634213 Let me know what you think!!!
  10. sexysaggerengland

    Starting an Onlyfans :)

    They're being weird and won't accept my bank as it's a Monzo one and not a high street bank. Videos are saved on my laptop so as soon as they sort their act out I'll let you all know sorry! Edit: In the meantime I have uploaded to my Vimeo:- https://www.saggerworld.com/topic/8657-my-sags-pw-saggerworld/?do=getLastComment
  11. New onlyfans! Check recommended videos section

  12. sexysaggerengland

    Starting an Onlyfans :)

    https://onlyfans.com/sexysaggerengland Enjoy! Free for now x Any special requests?
  13. ANOTHERRRR new album! Check the description ;) 

  14. What do you guys think of a public sagging video wearing grey slim joggers, matching grey hoodie, black calvins. But for the boxers to be tucked into the t shirt underneath the hoodie so when sagging there's no t shrit that'll get in the way. maybe even a bit where i take the hoodie off so it's just the joggers, then t shirt tucked into boxers, and the waistband is showing all around, then gradually sagging that. what do you guys think? :P 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SaggersRhot


      Sounds nice. I'd like to see that! Maybe get wet?

    3. ISag


      I usually tuck my shirt into my boxers if I wear a hoodie over. Good look

    4. fiji1


      YESSSSSS please! 😍


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