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  1. New album again 😁

    1. Lee249


      Woooos 😉

  2. New video on onlyfans. If you’re into tight jeans, short boxers, socks, t shirts and c*m sh0ts then you’re in for a treat. Free access 😉 😉 during quarantine

  3. Gif attached to this status ;) 


    1. gabeasston


      bro this is the coolest thing ive ever seen!

  4. New album! Also made my Onlyfans free whilst Coronavirus is happening ;) 

  5. About to do an outdoor sagging video. Any preferences on what you'd like me to wear, jeans, boxers, socks, shoe colour, hoodie, t-shirt, just a jacket? Let me know in the comments or PM me :P

    1. TMW9725


      Jeans, short BBs and a cheeky flash of leg skin 😬 x

    2. sexysaggerengland


      Next time I go out for sure :P, will be black jeans, a hoodie to keep my sagging exposed along with boxers that are short ending right at the bottom of my arse cheek. I always sag below that

  6. I've set 100 possible subscriptions for a 24 hour free trial on my Onlyfans, have fun ;)

  7. Another new album, can't help myself! Was caught by the delivery guy on this one lol.

  8. Lots of new albums lately! Videos to go with them on my Onlyfans, but the pictures are always on here (obviously not the nude ones tho :P )

    1. SaggersRhot


      Are there pictures and videos on your only fans page that can't be posted on here? Do you have any wet sagging videos on onlyfans?

    2. sexysaggerengland


      I’ve got one wet sagging video on there yeah in the shower, I get nude on there as well. Multiple wanking videos and basically more explicit content. All the pictures I upload here are actually just screenshots from the main videos I upload there 😉

  9. sexysaggerengland

    Onlyfans is up!

    Thanks haha I just need someone to video me whilst I'm doing it from behind so 1) I don't look like a nob head videoing myself lol and 2) better angles
  10. sexysaggerengland

    Onlyfans is up!

    One from my Onlyfans. About 4-5 videos going up tonight of this sagging session
  11. sexysaggerengland

    Image 2

  12. 3 new videos on Onlyfans within the last 24 hours ;)

  13. sexysaggerengland

    Onlyfans is up!

    3 new videos on Onlyfans within the last 24 hours ;)
  14. sexysaggerengland

    Onlyfans is up!

    Some new videos up of me sagging on the balcony I have in Paris in front of a main road, if anyone looked up they could easily see me in my dark red boxers with a white jumper and grey jeans ;)

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