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  1. New videos! One public that's on the Recommended videos sub-forum and one private that you can only have if you ask via PM. I have another private one as well that's been out for a few weeks. If you've already got one via PM, just ask for the other. If you have none, ask for both. They are dirty. The one on Recommended videos sub-forum is a bit of a teaser ;);) 

  2. sexysaggerengland

    My sags (pw saggerworld)

    Password is saggerworld If you have my first video, or want it, let me know, had to be removed as included some dirty stuff! Plus I have a new video that also will not be accepted here, PM for details/access x x
  3. New album live! And it's the same album with my video. DM me for the video link of the album if ygm

    1. SaggersRhot


      Did you make a second video? I'd love to see more videos from you!

  4. sexysaggerengland

    My sags (pw saggerworld)

    Oops - admin deleted. PM only then for access Sorry!
  5. New album coming up! And this time I've made a video. Check out the topic in Recommended videos 'My sags (pw saggerworld)' for a treat ;) 

  6. sexysaggerengland

    My sags (pw saggerworld)

    I'm going to upload videos on here. <ADMIN> Deleted as contains nudity Password is saggerworld
  7. What type of albums, or what do you want to see from me? Anything at all :) 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Denimsag


      Like Saggerrhots suggestion. A nice double sag album would be great too

    3. saggerboyzach
    4. Lee249


      Light bondage fun ie handcuffs maybe some duct tape or rope whilst your sag gets more & more exposed. I'd lend you my cuffs but they broke unfortunately (cheap ones) I was cuffed up & gagged at the time ha! 😂😂😂

  8. sexysaggerengland

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

    Mine lets me pull his pants down however I want at home
  9. Album up! Please add your comments ;) 

  10. New album upcoming, it's gonna be a 💣

  11. Hi,love your sagging photos ,profile picture is so hot,nice cute ass.looks your into track pants like me.its a cool look

  12. New album is up now!

  13. Just been sagging outside again below ass on a main road! Pictures to come x

  14. And another new album x


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