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  1. dropped you a DM, i'm in manchester too

  2. who's seen my insta? saggerengland - go check it out ;) 

    1. TMS


      Great pics on display :)

    2. Geemansagger


      Love the Sagging and underwear showing 

    3. 4040fantom



  3. New album

    1. Emohotboy


      Really nice album, seriously would like so badly to seat beside u in that park so I can enjoy your nice sagging under your ass bro 

  4. So just been out on public sagging triple sagging 😉 all vids I’ll put on onlyfans but I’ll put a few pics on the site too for you guys! And yes @Lukey on a quiet path I even pulled them down all the way to my knees exposing 3 pairs of boxers 🥵

    1. Lukey


      Thankyou mate, was very good. Loved it, thanks so much

  5. Uploaded some new pictures and also going on another sagging walk later tonight ;) any specific requests?!

    1. Emohotboy


      Yeah bro I would like so badly to see your nice ass as u sagging under your ass and your front boner please 

    2. Lukey


      I would like to see you sagging at your knees double sagging please

    3. Lee249


      Double sag. Boxers & shorts over the top that is so hot. Love that style. 

      Have a nice walk man. 

  6. Not posted any new pictures on here for a while... over a month! Any ideas? ;) 

    1. Lukey


      Double sagging in public transport? 

    2. Sagonmyface


      Pics of butt in sweaty jeans :damn:

  7. All on only fans ;)


    1. Lukey


      OMG! I don't have ONLYFANS but love to see through twitter or something?

  8. New album up. Was double sagging a few days ago whilst outside, thought I'd take some pictures. Also a couple of pictures of whilst I was on the train and how I was sagging. What would you have done if you walked past me on the train or in public? ;)

    1. Emohotboy


      For sure I would like so badly to touch your nice sagging under your ass and saying that u are so cute as f*** pretty sure your new album is so hot too 

    2. Mansagger


      Called the police to get out a trolley and take u to the big house in cuffs

  9. New album again 😁

    1. Lee249


      Woooos 😉

  10. New video on onlyfans. If you’re into tight jeans, short boxers, socks, t shirts and c*m sh0ts then you’re in for a treat. Free access 😉 😉 during quarantine

    1. Daddysgums


      That would be dope to see them cum shots yum yum

  11. Gif attached to this status ;) 


    1. gabeasston


      bro this is the coolest thing ive ever seen!

  12. New album! Also made my Onlyfans free whilst Coronavirus is happening ;) 

  13. About to do an outdoor sagging video. Any preferences on what you'd like me to wear, jeans, boxers, socks, shoe colour, hoodie, t-shirt, just a jacket? Let me know in the comments or PM me :P

    1. TMW9725


      Jeans, short BBs and a cheeky flash of leg skin 😬 x

    2. sexysaggerengland


      Next time I go out for sure :P, will be black jeans, a hoodie to keep my sagging exposed along with boxers that are short ending right at the bottom of my arse cheek. I always sag below that

  14. I've set 100 possible subscriptions for a 24 hour free trial on my Onlyfans, have fun ;)

  15. Another new album, can't help myself! Was caught by the delivery guy on this one lol.

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