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  1. sexysaggerengland

    Image 2

  2. 3 new videos on Onlyfans within the last 24 hours ;)

  3. sexysaggerengland

    Onlyfans is up!

    3 new videos on Onlyfans within the last 24 hours ;)
  4. sexysaggerengland

    Onlyfans is up!

    Some new videos up of me sagging on the balcony I have in Paris in front of a main road, if anyone looked up they could easily see me in my dark red boxers with a white jumper and grey jeans ;)
  5. sexysaggerengland

    Onlyfans is up!

    Hi all, my Onlyfans is now up Check it out! https://onlyfans.com/sexysaggerengland First 3 days are free, then you have to pay after, but it's worth it. I only do requests/personal videos for paying fans Sagging pictures will continue here too! Videos on there only though. xx
  6. New album of me posted yesterday and new album of my boyfriend posted today 😉😉 just awaiting approval!!

  7. New album & videos on my recommended videos page ;) 


    New videos. Sagging with pink boxers outside, in front of different houses and walking through a park near cars & houses. Also sitting down on wet muddy path whilst wearing bright pink boxers.

    please please please let me know what you think!! Also private video available for this one via DM ;) but the conditions are that you’ve got to comment and pick your favourite before asking for the private (and why it’s your favourite)!!

  9. Anothe few pictures uploaded. Awaiting moderation 😊

  10. Had a little candid photoshoot with my boyfriend in bed.. pictures to come!

    1. Lukey


      Ooh cannot wait to view! Hopefully it'll turn me on like always ;) :P You sag so low it's great also looking forward to u doing my request too double sagging in public xx

    2. sexysaggerengland


      That'll be happening hopefully tonight!! @Lukey


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