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  1. windows Mince pies or Stollen?
  2. Blue polo shirt, black under armour compression shorts, blue basketball shorts, black jeans, navy adidas trackies.
  3. red t shirt, red compression shorts, blue skinny jeans, black cargo trousers.
  4. Boxed. Christmas Pudding or Christmas cake?
  5. Blue sports shirt, blue nike compression shorts, blue sweatpants, blue jeans.
  6. White socks Black underwear or white underwear?
  7. black compression shorts, grey sweatpants, blue jeans, black t shirt.
  8. Be careful. Wedgies can be classed as sexual assault.
  9. Yes, I love wet clothes, your pics are some of the best examples, especially the wet double sags.
  10. Petrol engine. In cold weather, two sweatpants or two jeans?
  11. No real soccer players wear jockstraps. They are just a fetish thing. I also prefer watching football to playing it. Up the Arsenal!!!
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