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  1. kebab and chips. pie and chips or pasty and chips?
  2. Nice to see you being patriotic with your union flags.
  3. coupe. jumper or cardigan?
  4. black sweatshirt, orange Sondico compression shorts, orange Adidas football shorts, blue Adidas trackies, black jeans.
  5. It really doesn't. It's cold here at the moment and i do feel the cold.if i wasn't sagging you wouldn't know i had all those layers on.
  6. What is the limitation? I think people should know. If you have reached your limitation on photos you may need to open a second account (Lee 248?) and upload your old pics to there. Then you have a free space on the original account to load new ones (without losing your reputation points by just leaving the original account and starting a new one).
  7. steamed. Bath or shower?
  8. That is so ols That is so old skool, Lee. lol
  9. Double sags give you twice as much to see. you still see the underwear but also the shorts or other trousers too.
  10. Top Gun as it's the only one I have seen. burger or hot dog?
  11. I love to shower in clothes. usually do it just before stuff is going in the wash anyway.
  12. what's with all the grandad boxers? Today I will be outside a lot so blue t shirt, blue sweatshirt, orange compression shorts, blue adidas shorts, black jeans, black cargo trousers.
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