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  1. navy sports top, navy puma compression shorts, two pairs of navy adidas shorts
  2. Boxers party. love having Frank Bruno and Amir Khan around on a friday night.
  3. Fries. indian takeaway or chinese takeaway?
  4. black t shirt, black sondico compression shorts, blue adidas soccer shorts, blue jeans shorts.
  5. red roses Adidas trackies or Nike trackies?
  6. Do you mean arsed? lol Today I am going for red sport shirt, red Sondico compression shorts, red Adidas shorts and blue jeans
  7. pine needles - use the vacuum cleaner. for swimming - jammers under boardshorts or speedos under boardshorts?
  8. It is a blue cheese. Hate grilled cheese so it's ham without grilled cheese!!! Lunch in town - Greggs or Pret A Manger?
  9. It's a Bank Holiday (the first since last week) to celebrate the King's coronation. So here is some brass band music. (Or is it?) It's actually all performed with one instrument - the guy's mouth.
  10. red t shirt, yellow Sondico compression shorts, black Puma trackies, blue jeans.
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