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  1. I hate the feeling of wet underwear, always swim in jammers and shorts, if its at the beach usually with trackies or jeans on top.
  2. Most compression shorts have a narrow waistband, i will go with that. on TV, panel show or sitcom?
  3. Probably white comprssion shorts actually, but white briefs if I had to choose between those two items. Under your trackies, just underwear or underwear and shorts?
  4. Black t shirt, blue Nike compression shorts, blue jeans, blue Adidas trackies.
  5. Black t shirt, orange Sondico compression shorts, blue adidas trackies, orange Adidas shorts, black nike trackies.
  6. of the two, country. Smooth Jazz (eg Paul Hardcastle) or Trad Jazz (eg Miles Davis)?
  7. thinking of lunch are we? Pinball.
  8. Where the smokers at? Mostly died of cancer! 1. Do you smoke? NO 2. What’s your favourite cigs? None 3. How much do you smoke a day? Never had even one ever. 4. When did you start? I didn't.
  9. Today it has been quite cold. I wore a blue t shirt, blue nike compression shorts, blue adidas trackies and black jeans. Now retired to bed wearing black compression shorts and red adidas shorts.
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