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  1. Denimsag

    What are you wearing right now?

    Black nike compression shorts, black adidas shorts, blue jeans shorts, black t shirt
  2. Denimsag

    Running leggings/tights

    I see people running in them, girls usually just wear the leggings on their own, boys usually have the shorts over them.
  3. Denimsag

    Word Association Game

  4. Denimsag

    A Or B?

    Mandarin - it's my local Chinese Takeaway! Denim cutoffs or denim shorts?
  5. Denimsag

    Swimsuit season

    My cousin came down for the weekend and Saturday was really hot, so we went to the beach. I wore navy speedo jammers, white basketball shorts and black jeans in the sea. She wore a black one piece swimming costume with blue jeans on top. We had a great day catching up in the sea. We both added t shirts after a while so we didn't get sunburnt (even though we had sunblock on). It was a great day.
  6. Denimsag

    A Or B?

    Toes thong or long johns?
  7. Denimsag

    What are you wearing right now?

    black t shirt, black nike compression shorts, blue jeans, white adidas trackies
  8. Denimsag

    What are you wearing right now?

    blue nike compression shorts, blue adidas trackies blue jeans, blue polo shirt. the jeans and trackies are the same ones from yesterday but today the jeans are over the trackies rather than under them yesterday.
  9. Denimsag

    Wet clothes

    Anyone got any new swimming outfits to try now summer is approaching?
  10. Denimsag

    Swimsuit season

    There is your answer - the board shorts with a pair of basketball shorts and /or sweatpants on top.
  11. Denimsag

    What are you wearing right now?

    blue underarmour compression shorts, blue jeans, blue adidas trackies, blue t shirt
  12. Denimsag

    What are you wearing right now?

    Blue nike compression shorts, blue tennis shorts, blue adidas soccer shorts, blue t shirt
  13. Denimsag

    What are you wearing right now?

    red sondico compression shorts, red and white shiny basketball shorts, blue jeans, red t shirt.
  14. I like swimming fully clothed too, but never in normal underwear, usually jammers to start then either shorts and/or jeans and/or trackies over with a t shirt or polo shirt or sweatshirt on my top half
  15. Did try freeballing once but hated it. I like support for the boys down there.

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