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  1. shirtless. On a double sag, underwear, underwear, jeans or underwear, shorts, jeans
  2. white sports top, red Sondico compression shorts, blue Adidas soccer shorts, white jeans
  3. I often wear compression shorts, shorts and jeans or compression shorts, shorts and trackies. Feels great either way.
  4. I've found one source for this fashion - Justin Bieber. Did he start it though?
  5. Today I am outside a lot so black t shirt, blue sweatshirt, black compression shorts, navy sweatpants, blue jeans
  6. stuffing. on christmas pudding - cream or brandy butter?
  7. blue sports shirt, red compression shorts, blue adidas shorts, red adidas shorts, blue adidas trackies.
  8. nothing succeeds like a bird with no teeth!
  9. Weather has turned here now, had the last swim in the sea (probably) for this year last weekend, wore black t shirt, blue jammers, blue jeans and black trackies.
  10. Grey sweatshirt, orange compression shorts, blue jeans, grey sweatpants
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