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  1. walk behind mower - our garden does not justify a ride on. bacon sandwich with brown sauce or tomato ketchup?
  2. White t shirt, orange Sondico compression shorts, orange Adidas soccer shorts, white jeans.
  3. grilled I'll go back to one that got misanswered at the top of the page, PIE or PASTY?
  4. Depends... Diet coke just tastes like sacharin and water, Diet Pepsi tastes just like Pepsi. On the whole the Original versions. Frozen peas or tinned peas?
  5. White T shirt, white compression shorts, blue jeans shorts, black Puma trackies.
  6. guitar. Sing or Play in the group??
  7. Heinz of course! Pickled onions or raw onions?
  8. blue t shirt, yellow compression shorts, blue Adidas football shorts, yellow Adidas football shorts, blue Adidas trackies.
  9. Aubergine. Atlantica - Although you don't agree with "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", how do you feel about "An onion a day keeps everyone away"? Baked Beans or Curried Baked Beans?
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