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  1. seafront hotel room. jeans in the sea or cargo trousers in the sea?
  2. Just indoors today so went for white t shirt, green Nike compression shorts, blue jeans and grey sweatpants over them.
  3. I remember Bars and melody - I think it was Leondre who wore leggings with shorts over quite often. I have decided to get some as they will be nice as long underwear in the winter. Will have to look online. Does anyone have any ideas on the brands that are best? I am in the UK.
  4. I long to be able to go swimming again. I have two new pairs of shorts I want to wear over my jammers at the local pool when it reopens and I have some new trackies and jeans I want to swim in at the beach. Roll on summer.
  5. It doesn't happen much in the UK as loose boxers are usually only worn by old men. Only 1 person I know my age wears them. Most people wear boxerbriefs, some wear briefs and a few wear compression shorts (like me).
  6. Hate melons. and eggplant is Aubergine. Wearing full soccer uniform or wearing full rugby uniform?
  7. I've got to go out today and it's cold. At the moment I'm wearing a blue sweatshirt, black nike compression shorts, black Adidas soccer shorts and blue jeans. Will add my coat and black cargo trousers before I go out.
  8. great picture - mirror offset with the wall and a good sag in the mirror.
  9. red t shirt, cyan Nike compression shorts, black jeans, grey sweatpants.
  10. Compression shorts. I don't know anybody who wears a jockstrap. Compression shorts under sports shorts - do the compression shorts match the sports shorts or contrast them?
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