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    Happy chappy from UK, Only got into sagging recently always up for chat etc. Love anything Sci Fi or action and a huge gamer. KIK is salesmerlin
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  1. Hurray for Sunday 

    1. Lee249


      Hooray!!!!! Haha 😁

    2. Agentone
  2. salesmerlin

    Favorite pair

    Dominik got them off Amazon haha. :P
  3. salesmerlin

    Favorite pair

    Have to say my favourites are my cloud bbs from sly and my diesel stripes
  4. salesmerlin

    Pink underwear

    got a pair of pink diesel bbs, love them
  5. Work day is slow someone save me xD

  6. Day off today, anyone wants to chat hit me up :) 

  7. Happy Holidays everyone

  8. Slow day at work anyone wants to chat hmu :)

  9. Just saw the Xmas Coca Cola Advert, it’s offically the Festive season 😂 🎄 

    1. Lee249


      Merry Crimbo haha 😜

    2. TheOther1


      /Checks calendar..

      yup, not December

  10. Future is bright, future is....


  11. Another hot weekend 👍

    1. Lee249


      Total scorcher mate! Did you get my text? Cheers. 

    2. salesmerlin


      I did babs just replied x

  12. salesmerlin

    Funny / hot boxerbriefs

    I do love my cloud sly boxer briefs haha xP
  13. Why is it a weeks vacation from work always seems to go quicker then a normal work week...lol

    1. TheOther1


      And then you get back to work and it feels like you never left! :(

    2. Lee249


      That's so true. Doesn't take long to get back into the swing of things. I'm covering on Wednesday. I do enjoy being the boss! I'm the best one out there hahahaha :D


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