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  1. Saw a cute guy sagging today. I was driving home and a few blocks from my house I saw a cute guy wearing a brown hoodie ( I didn't take notice what brand) he was wearing black jeans and gray boxerbriefs. His jeans were just below his ass. I got a nice view of his round ass! His hoodie was covering his front so I couldn't see his front sag. I went around the block and I was hoping to see him again and I wanted to tell him that I liked his sag but he went into a house before I got to talk to him. I hope I'll see him again sometime so I can talk with him.

    1. Lee249


      Sounds hot. Did you speak to him? Thanks. 

    2. SaggersRhot


      No. I went back around the block to talk with him but he went into a house before I came around. Hopefully I'll see him again. 

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