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  1. TS4219

    Other Cultures 😅

  2. TS4219

    Funny old videos 😁

    I’ll play along (funny, sags, oldies but goodies):
  3. Keyalast1

    Hey y dont u message me on kik anymore what happened dude?

  4. TS4219


    Low sag throughout, including sagging while shirtless.
  5. TS4219

    Pornstars sagging

    PM me the link! I have some too
  6. TS4219

    YouTuber - ItzArya

    We can all agree he is an ignorant moron
  7. TS4219

    YouTuber - ItzArya

    I hate pranks, but in the grand scheme of things, it IS just water, AND he has a great sag. As far as the acid thing... Pretty stupid to blame this guy or this prank for the acid thing... If he were to use a squirt gun, would we blame him if a "copycat" used a real gun? No.
  8. New pics posted, titled Eighth Album.

    Make sure you add me on KIK, my KIK friends get to see my pics before I post them on here (KIK name is same as my SW name).

  9. Check out my poll! I'm not sure if you can still vote, but it is interesting to see who everyone picked!
  10. TS4219

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

  11. TS4219

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    The Weirdbro's The one guy (I think his name is Sam) sags a lot in these wedgie videos

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