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  1. Hash browns apple juice or orange juice
  2. Salt for breakfast bacon and eggs or toast and eggs
  3. Milk chocolate milk chocolate or dark chocolate
  4. Red is my favourite then dark blue is my second favourite
  5. The weather for me is normally around 0 celsius so its not too cold but its not warm. If that makes sense
  6. I haven’t done either before but curlings sounds more interesting. Chocolate chip muffin or blueberry muffin
  7. Spicy sausage hot dog with. Ketchup or mustard
  8. I do t really drink pop anymore, but i would pick mountain dew orange crush pop or grape crush pop
  9. Im back, back last year i tried to change my email used for my account i did something wrong and took till now to get things fixed. Glad to finally be back. Nice to see this place again

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