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  1. hey anyone want to sag together either on SW video chat or on Skype? if so pm me 

  2. anyone who's up for sagging and maybe other stuff then

    hit me up on Skype hayden.hudson24

    1. Lukey


      I said hiya on skype buddy :) Im from Norfolk 22 hbu?

  3. Hi guys


     anyone wanna c2c on Skye? if so reply to this post

  4. Hey bru, I'm in London on Monday and Tuesday, u wanna hang out and sag together? 💪

  5. what gets everyone horny apart from sagging? Stripping gets me horny
  6. add me guys on Skype:


    I like sagging shirtless and getting down to my boxers only

    Message me guys or just add me on Skype to chat

    1. mrbasketballswag


      add me on Skype: sagger joe

  7. Age: 20 Gay Straight or Bi: Gay Race: White Hometown: UK Grade: N/A Clothing What kind of underwear do you wear: Boxer Briefs & Thong What brand do you wear: Superdry Do you wear a jockstrap for anything: No What do you wear to swim: just Shorts Do you ever freeball? No What kind of socks to you wear (above or below the ankle): Above Body Are you slim, average, or "bigger": Bigger Do you have any body hair: No Do you have any facial hair: No Do you have any of your body or facial hair: Yes Do you trim or
  8. anyone up for chatting, message me on here or my Skype: Hayden.hudson24

  9. anyone want to sag with me on here if so drop me a message

    1. ajgreen


      send me a message and we'll arrange a time to do it 

  10. anyone want to sag with me on here if so drop me a message

  11. anyone who's online now want to sag together on videochat on here? 

    pm me if you do

  12. im currently live on videochat come and see me or join in

  13. anyone who's online wanna sag together

  14. message me if you want to sag with me on videochat on here

  15. anyone wanna sag together im free now for 30mins

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