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    Yo welcome *******, young black guy that likes sagging in American eagle, ck, hollister, hanes, etc.
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    basketball, sagging, xbox, track, partying
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    Student, Lifeguard
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  1. who lives in nj/ny??

    1. SaggersRhot


      S.E. Pa here. Spend alot of time in NJ in the summer at the beach.

    2. EMK


      I live in nj

  2. add me on skype @ musicandbasketball.ja_1

  3. Name: Chris Age: 17 Height: 5.6 or 7 Weight: Idk, but skinny Style: Urban/Preppy Sexuality: unsure Hobbies: Basketball, Tech, Swimming, Reading, Writing, Music, Sagging Location: New York Suberbs
  4. White CK boxer briefs sagging in gray b ball shorts a fitted DC t shirt and supra high tops
  5. anyone wanna date or trade pictures/talk about sagging Kik me at coolblueJ

  6. I'm obsessed with sagging with b ball shorts! Anyone wanna trade pics?
  7. Just lying around watching t.v. admiring my sexy sag!

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