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  1. boyzzz1994

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

    Just check our profile 👌🏻😇
  2. Hey guys! It was time for some new pics... please check our new albums and feel free to drop a message =] cheers!

  3. Hey guys! We have been off for quite some time... But we want to take some new pics together! Do you have any suggestions for environment, poses, clothes etc.?


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    2. inschrijving


      Anything you post is hot, so go ahead :D

    3. luke
    4. boyzzz1994


      Thanks guys! But that leaves so many options open... what would you guys think of something of us (while sagging) in 3D-model? 

  4. Thanks for the follow! B)

    1. boyzzz1994


      you're very welcome! it was already an honor to watch your profile :damn:

  5. boyzzz1994

    Crawford Collins

    sorry, what are they? hahaha
  6. boyzzz1994

    Crawford Collins

    damnnnn why did they censor it in the second vid grrrrrrr!
  7. boyzzz1994

    Gay Kik?

  8. boyzzz1994

    DoeMaarGamen - YouTuber

    Omg in another vid at 3:02
  9. These sags of yours are sublime man :)


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