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  1. Lowsagging

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    Yeah, the tall guy knows what he is doing. Extremely hot vid!
  2. Lowsagging

    Twister challenge

    thats by far the best video I have seen in ages!!!
  3. Lowsagging


    wow he doesnt give a f*** at all! I like it. Good to see that hthere are still people like him out there!
  4. Lowsagging

    "Borrowing" Roommate's Boxers

    I also "borrowed" one of a friends boxer briefs two days ago so this conversation is really fitting rn because I have some questions. But first of all the story what happened. I was meeting up with my friend at his home and we chilled in the livingroom and watched tv. Suddenly a thought came to mz mind that I dreamed of some nights ago, borrowing one of mz mates underwear. So I pretended to go to the toilet upstairs while he was stazing downstairs. I knew where his boxers were so I went straight to his closet and pulled out the pair I thought was the hottest of all, a lime green ,printed boxer brief he wore only very rarely. I put them in my backpack which we left in his room and went back downstairs. After an hour or so I left with his underwear in my backpack. Back home the first thing I had to do was change my current underwear to the ones of mz friend. It was a moment like in my dreams. I enjoyed this moment and the rush of adrenalin I had when I was getting the underwear out of his room. But now I feel guilty about and want to bing the underwear back but its not as easy as in Tylers story where zou life with the guy in the same flat. So now Im confronted with the question how to bring it back without him noticing. That would my question to you guys!
  5. Lowsagging


    I think we need a new word for this to describe his sag! Because in my opinion the sag and especially the front sag of the dude with the glasses is just more then hot! And I have to say Im very pleased still seeing guys on Youtube sagging that low in thier vids. Great find, made my day!!!
  6. Lowsagging

    Dutch commercial

    wow thats an amazing ad! Finally a company who knows whats real cool!

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