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  1. Yo bro where in Montr√©al are you exactly? Close to what metro station ūüöČ u don't have any idea how badly I would like to see your sagging under your ass bro daily just for me. I am also looking for a longterm sagger boyfriend please¬†

  2. What's up how are you 

  3. White "The Shining" t-shirt, dark blue super skinny sagging jeans, grey boxer briefs.
  4. I usuall sag skinny jeans.. I have Nudie jeans, April 77 and WESC..
  5. Hey mate!! Been a while since i said hello lol! So "Hello" :P How are ya? Hope all is ok :D Hope you got some more pics coming soon too! The december ones were wicked!!

  6. if you sag half as well as you do in your pics then you are awesome!

    would love to chat, cam or swap pics with you!!

    contacts, pics and details on my profile :)

  7. Love your recent sagging pics and the hair in your chest

  8. Literally love your sagging pictures!!

    Where you from dude? : )

  9. Thanx fah duh add!! Get at duh page and show love hottness!! && im Deangelo but yew can call me Cherry!!

  10. Plaid shirt with skinny jeans half-ass. Yellow boxer-briefs. I love sagging my skinny jeans!
  11. I'm wearing black cheap monday skinny jean half-ass and a blue shirt... I don't sag it entirely below the butt because the shirt is pretty short. I've got white boxer briefs.
  12. I'm in Mtl too, in the Plateau.. montreal893006@hotmail.com

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