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  1. obeysagger

    A Or B?

    wheat jeans: skinny or baggy?
  2. obeysagger

    What are you wearing right now?

    love this outfit! great sag too
  3. obeysagger

    Pierced ears and earrings

    i think it can look hot when a guy wears diamond or black studs i didnt want to pierce my ears, but i got some magnetic studs and i think it's a good alternative
  4. obeysagger

    Help me sagging lower

    get a long tshirt
  5. Thanks for the reaction. You have a cute profile!!

  6. Dude, you've got style my friend! Just seen your gear pics. Brilliant :) 

  7. obeysagger

    Shoes fo sagging

    the great thing about the secret max bid is that i don't feel i pay too much and it auto-bids against anyone until it reaches my maximum limit i have not lost a single bid using the feature and i always get a good price. amazon is overpriced and shipping is too expensive.
  8. obeysagger

    Shoes fo sagging

    yeah, i always put a minimum bid first and a secret max bid (so it auto-bids until it reaches that amount). i've gotten many bargains that way, only downside is the shipping to norway is expensive
  9. obeysagger

    Shoes fo sagging

    i got my osiris from ebay
  10. obeysagger

    Shoes fo sagging

  11. obeysagger

    Shoes fo sagging

  12. obeysagger

    Shoes fo sagging

    hightops, skater shoes or timberland boots
  13. obeysagger

    SexySaggerYo Videos

    double sag with basketball shorts and jeans

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