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  1. So I was hooked up with electrodes all over my body and sagging today at the hospital while they did a nerve conduction study to look for nerve damage.  I was shocked repeatedly for 45 Mins today

  2. I feels like everyone hates me for no reason bro

    1. ElCarnicero


      Who might that be?

  3. I want to kill myself. I am too stressed. I've been thru hell in life,  idk what to do anymore 

    1. ElCarnicero


      How old are you, Dillon? Any health issues?

  4. And then this other dude had his leg ate by the sheriff's k9 dog about a mile down the road from me, but no one feels sorry for him because he's charged with terrorism, resisting arrest, making bomb threats, drugs,and 20 other felonies. That's why the leg irons are attached to his ankles.
  5. It be too hot here, the cops are trippin, abusing people, it's too humid here,the second you step outside u start sweating Btw, the authorities killed dude on Friday night after he kidnapped and held hostage 2 women, shot 1 of them and led the authorities on a chase along 3 entire counties, while dude was shooting at the cops the entire way
  6. The night club shooting happened literally 2 minutes right after we left, front door of the place is shattered and broken from bullet holes. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ElCarnicero


      Glad that you missed it. Which city was that?

    3. Dillon


      It was at a place called Debauchery in Melbourne,  FL. I'm surprised it hasnt made the news at all even local news paper news because it's a Hella popular nigh club

    4. TheOther1


      Oh America... 

  7. There was a shooting at a club I was at last night. I'm okay. 

    1. wxsaggerNick


      that's crazy. glad you're ok. 

    2. Astg94


      WTF!! This definitely feels like Buffalo shooting in Tops Friendly Market… glad you survived this!

  8. Just replied to your PM Dilly x 


    1. Lee249


      Cheers. I've sent you a reply Mr x 


  9. hey fam, apologies for taking my **** out in public last week but I felt like I had no choice but to defend myself over a stupid pair of Ethikas. Anyways I'll be taking a step away for a little bit here, I have some things i have to take care of but I'll be back, fam. love Dilly
  10. Hard. My history teacher in freshman year was this airforce drill instructor and wore that hat and was always trippin 🤣🤣
  11. Hey I'm letting it be real to let you all know Daddysgums is a pedophile. Enjoy your boxers.

  12. I've been paraded around my own neighborhood in nothing but my Ethikas by the cops in handcuffs if that counts lol
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