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  1. Hope you have a sweet Christmas bro 😘

  2. Hell yeah sometimes I make pot brownies a and chocolate chip cookies with hemp oil and buds in it 😂😂😂
  3. I have 2 pairs of unopened unused Ethika Boxers (the baggy ones) size L in The color red. They sent me wrong size as I am a medium and they sent me two of the same kind. 25$ plus shipping. I rather sell them.then return them (it'll cost more in return shipping to sent them back) so DM me if wanted
  4. Let's go to work 💪 Active all dayyy with fire 🔥👍
  5. Yo Dillon any future pics from you coming in the future I mean your sags are hella hot bro always enjoy your sags 

  6. I needa make my 6,000$ back if ya ever need to score some Xmas trees
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