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COVID-19 : With this global pandemic taking its toll around the world, it is the time that we must all truly look out for ourselves. I urge that all members pay attention to the restrictions put into place in your local areas and not attempt to risk infection by being with other people to take photos, videos, etc. This is a time that we all need to look out for one another and our families. If your town, city or country goes into a Lock-Down, I urge that you Stay Home, Stay Safe so that we can all come out of this well. I hope that you and your families all remain safe and well during this unprecedented time. Regards Flameboard


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  1. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    At least you ain't all chained up and ****
  2. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    I wish I was !!! I am gonna get my Trump Check tho
  3. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    The state here has banned anyone from New York and New Jersey from coming in. The have checkpoints on insterstate 95 at the state line verifying if people coming in are a resident or not. And the Florida Highway Patrol uses those lisence plate readers while patroling the roads. Now apparently on the local morning news they're saying a cruise ship full of sick people wants to port here and the govenor told it nope. No one on the ship lives here and the government needs those helpful resources to help its citizens. I'm a germaphobe ahaha. I don't like feeling nasty and especially when someone coughing and all sick near me. I have allergies. So I am all for it. Keep anyone who doesn't belong in the state out. Idk why all these sick people here wanna come here and get everyone else sick. I mean wtf. 🤷 But don't punish your tax paying citizens either by closing everything. I'm still waiting for my Trump check yo. 💰 💸 I'm outta work. 🤷 Can't get paidddd. And they want us to sit around and do what for a month? Every American as long as you filed your taxes will get a 1,200$ check from the IRS.
  4. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Aha I remember him. He made all the prisoners wear pink boxers 😂😂
  5. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    This happened where I lived.. https://thespacecoastrocket.com/sheriffs-parade-displays-inmates-in-shackles-together-for-onlookers-no-social-distancing/ And no... @TheOther1 I wasn't on this parade 😂😜
  6. Dillon

    COPS / Live PD

    Uhhhhh that's a bit much bro
  7. Dillon

    COPS / Live PD

    I know what it's like to be this guy 😆
  8. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    HiBro and real talk.. I've always opposed government on here and I am most definitely opposed to any sory of martial law.. We are already pretty much there. I would give it 2 weeks before you can only go out only if you have your martial law forms filled out signed and properly noterized, you little "permission slip" stating you are allowed to go out only for a specific reason. What's happening now, with everything shutting down and the government ordering a stop on everything, is fascism. Next you're gonna see army military tanks running people over in the streets right here in America.....just like what what happened in Venezuela and China last year. 🤷
  9. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Bro of course it is. Have you not been to the store lately? All the toilet paper is gone. All the Kleenex. All the bleach. All the Lysol spray. All the bread. All the milk and water and butter and salt is all gone. This isn't in one area..as it would be in a hurricane.. This is everywhere and not just me. Ya think a hurricane coming was bad? Ha. People are freaking out loosing minds over toilet paper. All my neighbors stock piling guns and ammo as well.
  10. yo dillon

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Dillon


      What happens if you go out

    3. CJS90


      go to prison lol

    4. Dillon


      With shackles on

  11. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Yeah bro same here they said anyone out past 11 will be arrested. 🔐
  12. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Ya bro F**** these people. Theres NO toilet paper, anywhere either. And there are 150 companies that make the stuff. Even during hurricanes..and I've been in a few of them, isn't this bad. 😳 and bro just so ya know they are gonna declare martial law here. I live near the beach they closed down the beach. Our govenor said yesterday that the spring break party is over on the beach. No more keg stands in a mass gathering on the beach. And now, the military Airforce Base personell is out on the beach along with the sheriff's deputies on ATVs enforcing the beach closure. And then a picture showed up with a bunch of wartime, brown in colored Army tanks loaded up on a big train. Then the post got taken down. Idk... Everyone outta work. I went from making really good money to literally 0 money seemingly over night. This just didn't happen to me it happened to literally everyone. It's crazy. And I personally think this is the destruction of civilization. The collapse of America. The new world order is charged now. And we are headed for full blown martial law. 🤷
  13. Dillon

    What will happen when I'm 18?

    You get to go to the big adult jail, Not juvenile hall. Lol

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