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  1. we had a tornado tear through my neighborhood yesterday. I'm fine. 

    1. jonquestor


      Hopefully not too much damage…

    2. CJS90


      i lived threw 35 of them

  2. some drug addict tried to bust into my house and my neighbors house tonight. Dude's in JAIL as he should be right now

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Dillon


      Yes they posted his official charges he caught 7 first degree felonies, 2 minors and a mandatory life in prison felony for burglary of a house with a deadly while committing an assault or battery. He got the three strike law.

    3. Lee249


      By the sounds of it they threw away the key. He'll rot. 

    4. Dillon


      They posted his mug shot 😂 😂 😂 


  3. Yo Dilly. Wanted to say hi as you're online mate. Hope all is well 👍

  4. Hope all is good Dilly. Just sent a DM & yes, for the world, I believe in reformed characters. Everyone makes mistakes x 

  5. That cargo ship crashed into the bridge and then the bridge collapsed in Baltimore is crazyyyyy

    1. Andrew_Smiley94


      Indeed! I never seen a bridge collapse like that till now… thank goodness we’re not in Baltimore.

    2. Dillon


      Living in big cities is the worst

    3. Lee249


      @Andrew_Smiley94 @DillonThe report was shown on the BBC News Channel in the UK. Horrifying!! 

  6. Just replied to your DM. Hope you're ok Dilly! 

  7. Hi mate, just seen you online. Hope you're ok.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lee249


      Well, I wouldn't say you're muted dude. Are you restricted to post? Thanks. 

      Btw, the sags you've DM me previously have been effin amazing. Plz don't be a stranger mate. Hopefully, catch up soon.

      All the best, 

      Lee x

    3. Dillon


      it says Your content will need to be approved by a moderator

    4. Lee249


      I believe it's mainstream wise. Maybe you did something to that warranted a sanction? No idea.

      I feel like you're back on the straight & narrow now. 

  8. There's a murderer on the loose running around my neighborhood 

    1. Sagger.LMJ


      A few months back we had a guy a few houses down who barricaded himself in his own home for a couple hours after attempting to kill his ex. It was insane 

    2. Lee249


      Anyone called the cops???? Needs to be pinned down & thrown in the back of a van. 

  9. I didn't cut you off. I had to delete all my DMs in one go in order to establish contact with anyone. There were over 500 DMs. Hope you're sleeping better now mate 👍


    1. Dillon


      Love ya cuhhhh, I still having the nightmares and everything 😢

    2. Lee249


      So sorry mate. Might be an idea to consult a doctor to assess you & get some sleeping tablets prescribed x 

  10. I ain't gonna work for Maggie's Pa no more

  11. Hope you're ok fella x 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ElCarnicero


      To no one's surprise!

    3. TheOther1


      Wouldn't he just turn himself in and then put up a fight so they shackle him 😂

    4. Lee249


      He's probably in the clink as we speak lol 

  12. Please check your DMs Dilly thanks. 

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