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  1. Thanks everyone. Life is weird sometimes. I will go as far as to say that I was abused when I was a kid. It was so bad that not a day goes by that I think about it and it's hard not to think about it. And then my little stint in jail where I was abused again and all chained up and put in cuffs and shackles for a really long time didn't help the cause either, although I got a lot of money for that and it helps a little bit I guess. I've gotten over that by the way. Idk, it's just I've moved on from a lot of things a lot of people and things change... Hopefully for the better. Most o
  2. Dillyyy you're online 😁

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Lee249


      I dread to think what you wear at the weekends... A skirt 😛

    3. Dillon


      Yeah the tight boxers yo

    4. Lee249


      Dillyyy you always have a place in my heart x 

  3. Naw I wont do any of that crazy **** It's just I haven't been myself lately. Like, I've been extremely quiet ...
  4. Hi I've been gone for a minute. I'll swing by from time to time I suppose. I've developed depression. I haven't been myself lately. Take care everyone Dilly
  5. There's more drama than an episode of Monday Night World Wide Wrestling Federation, or something 

    1. TheOther1


      There is. Not sure why adults can't just block or ignore people..... 

  6. I missed all the drama as usual. What happened? Lol

  7. Won my court case against my crazy neighbor! He can't come within so far away from me and he can't contact me or use friends to contact me. 🎊🎉

    1. cargoshorts


      Hope u dont get no more trouble from this neighbor

      Do u got a nice tall fence between your two houses?

      Were u in court today?

    2. Dillon


      me either, but I al prepared to defend myself if it comes down to that. Wasted a lot of money on that guy just to get him away from me. UGH!  

      Yeah I just got back in..... there was a sagger sighting in court as well... people cant dress right for court... 

    3. cargoshorts


      What kind of clothes was this dude sagging and how low did he go? What did u wear to court?

  8. So odd. I'm actually curious what they wanted now haha
  9. Might be Italian mafia... They wear suits as well.. And are known for being bankers... Did the fellows have an Italian accent? What nationality were these mysterious people's?
  10. "You want a job?" Could mean literally anything bro. Could be legit or it could be something dark and sinister... Bottom line is he used his instincts and respectfully declined. And I applaud him for that...you can laugh and make fun of me and call me crazy all you want, I don't care lol
  11. There's a lot of human sex traffic operations. I reckon it's a good thing you declined bro, I don't trust people in suits at all.... Don't be fooled by them.
  12. Another hurricane coming here. Plus another 1 is going to form in the Gulf of Mexico... 2 hurricanes at the same time. Wild.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Pabsman2024


      Florida America's Clusterfuck. Hurricanes, old people, and they don't know how to vote right since 2000

    3. Dillon


      Looks like we are dodging both hurricanes lol

  13. Hurricane still on track to hit me 🌀

    1. Lee249


      You'll be fine Dilly mate 😉

    2. Dillon


      We barely even got anything. North Carolina and New England got it way worse than Florida 

  14. Woooo!!! HURRICANE PARTYYYYY!! There is a hurricane coming.my ways bros 😲🌀🌊

    1. Pabsman2024


      Hurricane amidst of a pandmic 

  15. Me and the neighbor had a major fight yesterday. He came charging at me into my property with ba wooden club for no no reason, SPIT IN MY FACE, so I spear takled him and just ground and pounded him to a ******* bloody ass pulp. ******* scumbag!!!!!!! Took a dozen cops to pry me off of him too!!! Wanna go?! Let's go!!!!!!!! His ass in JAIL for felony assault with bodily fluid and now I have to get tested for Coronavirus since he spit in my face and I'm at the court getting a restraining order injunctions.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. TheOther1


      Where was your boyfriend to help!?

    3. Dillon


      I was just granted a temporary restraining order against him. So now if he even looks at me the wrong way I can have him thrown in JAIL.

    4. TheOther1


      Well where's the fun in that.

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