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  1. Dillon

    Police Chase

  2. Dillon

    Police Chase

  3. Dillon

    Police Chase

    I was watching this today. There was a high speed chase in my town earlier. The peep was a sagger.. Or he was sagging when they arreated him. The end shows his sag. Looks like the dog bit him and his pants were bloody and the cops and the medics cut off his pants and shirt and left him in his boxers 😉 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2701390149932209&id=8354368747
  4. I have depression again ;( 

    1. SaggersRhot


      Sorry to hear that. I have depression problems too. If you need to talk you can message me.

  5. Dillon

    Favorite pair

    I love my green plaid Areopostale pair 😊
  6. Dillon

    With all due respect

    More the most part yes. Depends on which state you in too. But yes. It's primarily 18.
  7. Dillon

    I saw someone die yesterday

    So My own insurance people wont help me with a psychiatrist because I wasn't technically physically involved even though i was a witness and I am deeply disturbed by what I saw. And even though I have police report numbers and documentation and stuff. Crazy.
  8. *****Graphic***** It was a car swerving in and out of traffic into a motorcycle on a busy freeway. The person on the motorcycle wasn't wearing a helmet and it happened right in front of me. Literally 10 feet in front of me. I am traumatized for real. Like the Sight of the person's head crashing on the pavement and and their brains and blood exploding everywhere. I'm being real here. And and rolling 20 feet into the other lane before traffic finally stopped. It just replays in my mind over and over again and It hasn't stopped since I've seen what I witnessed. It doesn't matter what Im doing. I can still see it replaying on a loop. This happened yesterday. I need someone to talk too please. Plz I'm sorry. I even gave a witness statement to the police and even the chief of police was there and even he got sick for real. And I am pretty sure they arrested the car driver tho. It was the most gruesome things ever seen in my life bros for real and and and I've seen and also done some **** but this a takes the entire cake and plus the entire pizza. I haven't slept. I haven't ate. I even couldn't even drink and I love to drink. I just need someone to talk to
  9. You're not a security guard lol
  10. Hahaha yeah no pix on first date, you creeps lol. And yea, it was a quickie too. I prefer it rather than getting all naked and having strip then get dressed again. Too much work.
  11. Dillon

    What's the coolest Job you have had?

    Selling weed 🔥
  12. I heard about that. Holy **** -60 that's cold af. It's about 60 here in nice warm sunny Florida lol

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