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  1. My neighbor was a little kid toucher apparently

  2. The Federal U.S. Marshals just arrested my neighbor. 



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    2. Dillon


      Yeah it wasn't the local every day city cops who arrest people for pot. These guy were the Federal U.S. MARSHALS in big white pickup trucks. With AR-15's and camo vests that said Marshal. They was up in my yard too. But only as a perimeter. I'm trying to find out what he did.

    3. TheOther1



      He was wanted for some really serious ****


      I'm trying to find out what he did.


    4. Dillon


      Well the feds don't say much.

      The federal government only knocks on your door here if you up on some serious ****.


      Here. I just leave this here. I'm not lying.


  3. Dillon

    Thug Bro

    I saw it
  4. House real big, car real big, muh  **** real big, everything real big, friends real big, pockets real big, muh rings real big. 



  5. Dillon

    Favourite brand of jeans for sagging

    And the stretchy cut off shorts ones with the rips are awesome too👍
  6. Dillon

    What are you wearing right now?

    They're sooooo comfy
  7. Dillon

    What are you wearing right now?

    Chillennnnnn 😂
  8. Dillon

    Saggers talking to non-saggers

    I chill with non saggers sometimes. I even joke with them that they should even sag. And they are like either "Stopppp" or "naw" 😂 Then I pull my sag down lower and I show them my boxers and sag and they still won't have it. Lol
  9. Hung out with the sagger bros Shane Dylan and Riley last night and hot boxed in the car with some blunts and chilled 😎

    1. CJS90


      i hope u where sagging low dillon

    2. Dillon


      Of course . we all didd

  10. Dillon


    I normally do it before I sleep and right after I wakey up and usually I wake up with my hands stuffed inside the front of my boxers aha I also 99% of the time sleep and sag too
  11. Dillon

    Video Games

    Not much of a gamer anymore but this looks reallyyyyy good
  12. My sagging with a 4loko thread got deleted.

    1. Lee249


      Uh... Where was this thread??

  13. Jacksonville. I am like 2 hours south of there. It's crazy man. People are fucked up for real

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