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  1. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    I actually agree with you bro and I wanna hang out and chill now
  2. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Ok cool bro, can I smoke my weed now? Because that is essential.
  3. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    If you are stupid enough to drink bleach then feel free to do it. There's too many stupid people in this world.
  4. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Agreed. F**** those people. Ya know all that debt we supposedly owe China? We shouldn't pay them one dime of that debt in return for what they did.
  5. Yo homie u alright and what is your fav brands of clothes ?

    1. Dillon


      Sup. I'm good..got my Trump bux finally !! :D And AE

    2. CJS90
  6. Dillon

    Sagger Gets Beat Up

    eh, not really, I mostly stay to myself these days. Have a very close and tight circle, 2 people max. I actually prefer it that way... plus I'm not kind to strangerz. Ya ever hear the term "Stranger danger"?
  7. Dillon

    Sagger Gets Beat Up

    Someone tried to be me up one time and they lost miserably.
  8. Dillon

    Sagger Gets Beat Up

    idk, looks pretty real to me....
  9. Who got their Trump Bux yet???

    1. Sagonmyface


      Not yet, no direct deposit

  10. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    I just hope I get my Trump Bux already
  11. Dillon

    Sagging and health concerns

    Propaganda and lies.
  12. Dillon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Over here in Florida it is a complete **** show. The unemployment website doesn't work. Like 500 thousand people, that's a half million people filed unemployment. No one has gotten their money yet. People are still waiting for their Trump Bux. People are getting cabin fever. I suspect mass unrest very soon.
  13. Dillon

    What Are You Watching Right Now

    Shut up, be happy.
  14. Soooooo borreeeedddddddd 


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