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  1. I was jumped, robbed and mugged and my car stolen and left out in the woods to die the other night

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    2. Astg94


      That sucks Dilly… that’s scary to get robbed like that. Hope the cops will get that bastard!

    3. CaptainPanther


      That ******* sucks. Really sorry to hear this. We do live in scary times. People always want and take what isn't there's. I'm glad you are still here to tell of it. 

    4. wxsaggerNick


      That's terrible. Yeah I hope they catch the bad person.

  2. I'm surprised the son hasn't run away from home yet
  3. How was your bday the other day?

  4. Through out video. Best shot is in the beginning. Lol This guy, I remember this guy a few years ago when he shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend then shot and killed an Orlando Police Officer in the face and the entire state of Florida plus their mother was looking for him for an entire month. He was ALL over every single news channel every five minutes in until he was found. The other day they just released his interrogation tape, he is sagging way low and for thirty minutes they refused to make the cuffs loose. He's still on Trial by the way.
  5. It's my birthday todayyy

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    2. EMK


      Happy Birthday!

    3. Astg94


      Happy Birthday! Stay safe!

    4. Lee249


      Happy birthday Dillyyy! 😁

  6. Happy 420 day everyone 

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    2. cargoshorts


      U know Florida better then me bro but still u never know 

      Now ur man trump. I don’t think he would be for legal weed

    3. Lee249


      What the hell is 420 an apartment? Hope it's a deluxe haha 🤔

    4. Dillon


      @Lee249, 420 is the international code for smoking pot. Yesterday, or the other day rather, 4/20 is the unofficial holiday for weed. So eveyone smokes it here in the states on that day. April 20

  7. I called my guy accountant he said there's nothing on my end. I'm not being audited or anything like that the IRS is still log jammed and backed up by about 2-6 months....
  8. They only doing appointments over the phone but of course the phone line is busy and then if you do get through it plays some automatic message and hangs up on you.
  9. Yeah I don't get it. They already know everything about you as is. Then they want to know who your dad's uncle's brother is and what state where your mom's mother was born... Ugh
  10. I agree bro, they need to get their **** together. Ive never had a problem with taxes until now. Apparently the IRS are flagging a bunch of tax returns for identity issues
  11. Okay good so I ain't the only one That makes me feel better ! It must be a real big huge **** show at the IRS right now.
  12. Can't get through. Wait times are crazy long 4 hours or more
  13. Ummmm, sorry for the odd post but anyone in the U.S. who actually does their taxes knows why it's taking so long to get refunds? I was supposed to get 1,238$ back on the 21st from the IRS after I did my federal taxes but when I look up my status the IRS website says they don't know ..??? AM I being audited? What's the hold up?? WHERES MY MONEY?!?! lol
  14. Happy birthday


    1. Lee249


      Thanks buddy ☺️

  15. Thanks everyone. Life is weird sometimes. I will go as far as to say that I was abused when I was a kid. It was so bad that not a day goes by that I think about it and it's hard not to think about it. And then my little stint in jail where I was abused again and all chained up and put in cuffs and shackles for a really long time didn't help the cause either, although I got a lot of money for that and it helps a little bit I guess. I've gotten over that by the way. Idk, it's just I've moved on from a lot of things a lot of people and things change... Hopefully for the better. Most o
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